Why Venture West Ranches?

When you are choosing someone to represent what might be a lifetimes worth of blood, sweat and tears or a culmination of generations of work, you want to make the right choice. Whether it is fulfilling a life long dream of owning a legacy property or selling a family farm or ranch filled with memories, we understand that at VWR. We were either raised on, operated or presently own ranches. Our ties to Montana run deep. We were born and raised here(except for the Texan) and cherish our way of life. Venture West was founded in 2005 and Curtis Van Dyken bought into the company in 2006. Curt is presently our managing broker. We currently have offices in Bozeman and Three Forks, Montana and do business all over Montana.
About Us
About Us

Team Approach

We treat each client with integrity and respect and the understanding that this will be a significant transaction in their life.

We use our small, very close knit team and great market knowledge to work efficiently in our clients behalf.


VWR will use every available avenue and media in marketing a property. We use drone technology, professional photography, email, internet and social media marketing, as well as, periodicals, magazines and print in general. Our approach is different than most Real Estate firms in that one of our partners comes from a marketing and print background with a solid internet expertise. We use our 40+ years of ranch and farm real estate coupled with a new fresh perspective of marketing to give your property the exposure it deserves.


It sounds cliche but we view ourselves as stewards of the land and the beauty of Montana. It is very important to us. From the use of Conservation Easements to insuring that water and wildlife are considered, we view Montana as one of the last special places on this Earth. No where else can you view the majestic landscapes, incredible history and diverse wildlife that Montana holds. That beauty deserves to be protected for future generations.

About Us

Buzz Tatom


Buzz Tatom is a ranch owner and has built, run and sold numerous businesses in his career. This gives him a unique background in helping Montana farmers and ranchers navigate the life decisions that we all have to face. Whether it is passing the ranch on to the next generation or planning for eventual sale, his talents and contacts help save clients money and navigate complicated transactions.

About Us

Curt Van Dyken


First and foremost, I am the husband of Rhonda and the father to Brady, Conner and Alexa. They keep me grounded and give me all the joy and excitement I could ever ask or hope for!

About Us

Stacy Bellamy


Stacy is a native of Montana, raised on a ranch in northern Montana, and attended Montana State University in Bozeman. He and his wife have been married 16 years and have three children.