What Makes a Hunting Property a Great Investment

Montana is wealthy with opportunities for recreational activities. From hunting and fishing to a day out on the lake, Montana offers so much to all its resident and nonresident visitors. For many Montanans and visitors, hunting is a passion. If you are looking to take your passion for hunting and invest in something permanent for yourself and your family, purchasing property may be just the investment for you. Hunting property can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable investments you can make. However, before diving into purchasing hunting property, consider the following four areas to see what separates a good hunting property from a bad hunting property.


Map of hunting property throughout Montana


Location of the Property

Finding hunting property in the right location is essential from a hunting and investment standpoint. For one, you want to make sure that your property is located in an area where you can actually hunt. Once you identify if you can, you need to determine what you can hunt. Montana has a large number of hunting districts that have varying regulations. Check out our blog about finding hunting land to learn more about Montana hunting regulations. A good property will be in an area with lots of hunting opportunities as well as have appealing hunting regulations. You would also like to be in an area that you see potential for appreciation. Another thing to consider is what kind of terrain you want to be hunting. Do you want to be hunting in a heavily wooded area, a mountainous area, or prairie terrain? Figuring out what type of terrain will help you narrow down your selection of potential hunting properties to one that fits your wants and needs.


Montana hunting property wildlife

 Wildlife on the Hunting Property

Another way to determine a good hunting property from a bad one is by looking at the wildlife on the property. Whatever animals you look to hunt on your property will dictate what properties will best suit you. You don’t want to invest in a property that is suited for waterfowl population if you are wanting to primarily hunt big game. However, you can find a property that has large populations of several different types of animals in Montana. These Montana properties are a little harder to find but will reward you with vast recreational opportunities.

When looking at properties you may not be able to directly view animal population or density so another alternative is to look for promising wildlife habitat or sign. Maybe there is a pond on the property that provides good habitat for waterfowl. Maybe it’s densely wooded areas that provide excellent cover for elk and deer. Regardless of what you want to hunt on your property, making sure that the animals even reside there is a top priority.

value of hunting property

 Value of the Hunting Property

Purchasing Montana hunting property is no simple task. It takes months, if not years of planning and preparation in order to make sure you are happy with the property you are purchasing. You will also be investing a good portion of money into this purchase so it is important that you find a piece of hunting property that is going to give you a high return on your investment. Property is a great investment but before you dive in feet first there a few things to evaluate on potential properties.

One thing to look for is the price per acre. If you are curious about the average price per acre per state consider looking at this report from the USDA: https://www.usda.gov/nass/PUBS/TODAYRPT/land0815.pdf. Price per acre can be a key indicator as to the value or perceived value of a piece of hunting property. This site is a rough estimate and values will vary depending on multiple factors but it is a good reference point. 

Another way that a property can appreciate in value is by its location and proximity to other value-adding areas. A hunting property located closer to other appealing locations will appreciate faster than those that are not near appealing areas. A final way to increase the value of your hunting property is by improving the property in any way possible. Whether that’s remodeling a house or cabin, building a pond on the hunting property, or planting a food plot and creating wildlife habitat, these all will help increase the value of your hunting property investment.

A hunting property can be one of the best investments that you can make. Not only will your property likely appreciate in value but you will have a place where you can make irreplaceable memories. Before diving into invest in hunting property, make sure you evaluate potential properties on their location, wildlife, and value. Not only will this help safeguard you from making a wrong decision, it will ensure that you’re hunting property is exactly what you want.

Should you be heading down the road to finding Montana hunting land you will need someone to help you in finding the right property. I have done that for myself and for clients and would love to help you in your journey. Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss your needs.


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He still owns the 5T Ranch in Texas but now calls Big Sky, MT home. His background in Texas included finding run down ranches and rehabilitating them into show place properties. From building lakes, stocking fish, to managing for wildlife he has a proven record of increasing values of properties that have given families great memories and returns.

His successful business background allows him to have good knowledge in contracts, dealing with people and has a wide variance of knowledge from his experience in dealing with oil and gas companies on his properties to manufacturing background to knowing who to call to get answers.

He has a BBA from Texas Tech University and got his MBA from Southern Methodist University. While at Texas Tech, he played football and was a 3 year starter as a Tight End. He bought into a Printing company at the age of 24 and grew it ten fold by the time it was sold in 2011.

Buzz teaches part time at Montana State University and loves mentoring students. He has been married to the love of his life, Kathy Tatom, for 25 years and has one son(Tate) and 2 daughters(Sayler and Emmy).

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