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As a serious farmer or rancher, you probably have a lot of questions running through your mind: 

“How can we run this operation better?”

“Are my kids ready to take over?”

“Could I get sued and lose everything?”

“What happens if I die tomorrow?” 


You might have talked to an attorney, accountant, banker, financial advisor, real estate agent, or insurance agent about these questions. Everyone has an answer, but each one is only a piece of the puzzle. How do you know if they have the best answers for you? You can’t be sure the real estate agent won’t suggest something with major tax consequences, or the financial advisor won’t send you in a direction your attorney wouldn’t like.

Where do you even start? How do you put all these pieces together and have any confidence that you are doing the right thing?

As fellow ranchers and business owners, we feel your pain. We understand your questions because we ask them every day. 


Who Are the Four Horsemen? 

We are a team of independent professional advisors who are passionate to share what we’ve learned in our ranching, business, and professional lives. We believe tax, legal, financial, estate planning, business strategy, and real estate plans work best when they work together and are customized to your unique situation. Our team of four includes an attorney, a financial advisor, a business consultant, and a financial planner to provide a holistic perspective for the big questions you’re asking. 

Our perspective is unique because we’ve been on both sides of the table. We’ve been ranchers and business owners, but our team also has many years of in-depth industry experience in investing, financial planning, real estate and asset protection strategies. We understand your problems because we’ve lived them; we understand the solutions because we’ve seen behind the curtain. 

We have all the official credentials, but we, like you, are getting less and less impressed with the letters following a person’s name. We’re putting on the workshop and roundtable discussion so you can see for yourself what we bring to the table. 


What Will We Cover in Our Seminar?

We will start our seminar at The MT Stockgrowers Convention with a 45-minute workshop about the critical things you need to know. This workshop will provide you with a solid process and tangible results that you can use to pursue what is most important to you. 

After the workshop, we will have a roundtable discussion and answer your questions. This discussion will allow you to experience how our perspectives work together to help you make wise decisions. If you want to send an anonymous question before the seminar that we will discuss during the roundtable please email or call/text Buzz Tatom at or 406.580.4774. All discussions are held in complete confidence and never shared unless there is prior consent.


That’s a Funny Name…Where Did It Come From? 

To start with, there are four of us:

  • Paul Stafford, serial entrepreneur and advisor
  • Buzz Tatom, business consultant and real estate agent
  • Matthew Bryan, tax, estate and asset protection planning attorney
  • Mason Stafford, financial planner

Secondly, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse represent War, Conquest, Famine, and Death. You want to protect your business from attack and loss, and you want to secure your legacy for the next generation. We help you process parts of your life that are very serious, but this isn’t just about estate planning. We do so much more – stay tuned for the details in future emails.

Third, we are independent of each other, yet work together to give you a well-rounded perspective of your options. We all know that two heads are better than one…how much better are four knowledgeable ones?


We Want to Meet with You

We have availability on December 13th and 14th for individual meetings at the Convention in Billings. If you would like to learn more, please call/text Buzz Tatom at 406-580-4774 to learn more or to reserve a complimentary 30-minute meeting with one of us.


We have done this seminar several times in Montana and here are a few of the recent reviews we have received:

“Excellent presentation…I learned a lot!” –D.W.

“Please send an invite to the Stockgrowers’ presentation. I want to go again.” –H. & P. K

“I want to come to the workshop in Billings.” –M.J.


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About Buzz Tatom

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Buzz Tatom is a ranch owner and has built, run and sold numerous businesses in his career. This gives him a unique background in helping Montana farmers and ranchers navigate the life decisions that we all have to face. Whether it is passing the ranch on to the next generation or planning for eventual sale, his talents and contacts help save clients money and navigate complicated transactions.

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He still owns the 5T Ranch in Texas but now calls Big Sky, MT home. His background in Texas included finding run down ranches and rehabilitating them into show place properties. From building lakes, stocking fish, to managing for wildlife he has a proven record of increasing values of properties that have given families great memories and returns.

His successful business background allows him to have good knowledge in contracts, dealing with people and has a wide variance of knowledge from his experience in dealing with oil and gas companies on his properties to manufacturing background to knowing who to call to get answers.

He has a BBA from Texas Tech University and got his MBA from Southern Methodist University. While at Texas Tech, he played football and was a 3 year starter as a Tight End. He bought into a Printing company at the age of 24 and grew it ten fold by the time it was sold in 2011.

Buzz teaches part time at Montana State University and loves mentoring students. He has been married to the love of his life, Kathy Tatom, for 25 years and has one son(Tate) and 2 daughters(Sayler and Emmy).

His hobbies include hunting, fly fishing, improving the 5T and following his son Tate in his golf career at the Air Force Academy. His life is divided between family, volunteering, teaching part time at MSU and Church.


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