high yield investment

Is Farmland a Good High Yield Investment?

    Upon hearing the words “real estate,” many people immediately think of residential properties.  For 28.1 million Americans, however, real estate is about more than finding a place to live. It’s about building wealth through investment.  For savvy investors, real estate can be a high yield investment with huge payoffs. That said, as is […]

investing in land

7 Reasons to Start Investing In Land Now

Are you looking for an investment opportunity? There are numerous ways to invest your money. However, many of these options require you to maintain a property. If you’re looking to invest, you should look into a land investment. Whether you decide to sell the land or maintain it for farmland, you’ll end up having a […]

Montana land for sale

Varieties of Montana Land for Sale

Updated 12/29/17 Life has a funny way of taking you where you least expect it. Growing up, I never thought I would be living in Montana. It’s been 6 years since I moved to Montana and every day has been an adventure.  I love the area, but what makes MT so special, is the people. […]

fly fishing properties for sale Montana

Fly Fishing Properties For Sale-Montana

Updated 12/29/2017 I started fly fishing 30 years ago at Vermejo Park Ranch in New Mexico. My parents took me there and I’ll never forget walking up a creek that was maybe two feet across. I had seen very few trout in my life coming from Texas. I walked up the creek until there was […]

Ranches for Sale in Montana

Ranches for Sale in Montana

Updated November 10th, 2017 If you have searched the term ranches for sale in Montana, you, like millions of others, may view Montana as the last best place. If you are fortunate to have the financial resources to look at ranches for sale in Montana and purchase one, you are blessed. A big chunk of […]

montana farmers ranchers peer group

Montana Farmers and Ranchers Peer Group?

Updated November 6, 2017 Running a business is a lonely position to be in. In my previous industry of Printing/Marketing one of the best things I ever did was find a Peer group of like minded CEO’s. Mind you that the Printing and Marketing Industry does not like to share secrets to competitors. The industry […]

Building additional Revenue streams for Montana farms and ranches

Building Revenue Streams for Montana Farms and Ranches

Updated November 6, 2017 When the price of ag products drop 40% from last year and the bank doesn’t drop how much you owe that shirt collar can get a bit tight! I am a Farm and Ranch Real Estate broker that doesn’t want to see Montana ranches for sale until they make that very […]

Montana Water Rights-Value for Montana Farms & Ranches

Updated November 8, 2017 Montana water rights are a large issue in selling Farms and Ranches in Montana. Bottomline, water is becoming more and more valuable and vastly affects the value of a property. As many say in the investment industry, “water is the new oil.” With an ever growing population, there will be more and […]