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Montana Stockgrowers Association – Life Planning Seminar Part: 3

Timing is Everything! Why do you think Crystal balls, time machines and rubbing a genie bottle is a part of fables and folklore for generations? Wouldn’t it be nice to see into the future or go back in the past to change a decision? Everyone has a decision in their life that is accompanied by […]

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The Four Horsemen Can Help Answer Your Big Questions

  As a serious farmer or rancher, you probably have a lot of questions running through your mind:  “How can we run this operation better?” “Are my kids ready to take over?” “Could I get sued and lose everything?” “What happens if I die tomorrow?”    You might have talked to an attorney, accountant, banker, financial […]

1031 Exchange

Montana Stockgrowers Association – Life Planning Seminar: Part 2

Are 1031s Good or Bad? I would call myself 1031 neutral. They have to fit and sometimes we try too hard to make them fit. I see it both ways in going to a larger property or downsizing or selling off a small chunk. Both ways have their strategies and reasons for the transaction. I […]


Montana Stockgrowers Association – Life Planning Seminar Part: 1

Eating Sunshine A roundtable discussion with The Four Horsemen 2017 MT Stockgrowers Convention Dec. 13-14, 2017 How do you eat sunshine? Simply by doing your life’s work. Every day, you convert sunshine, water, and dirt into food through your livestock or crops. That food is converted into money and then into the things you need […]

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Why Productive Land Is a Great Alternative to Stocks

Are you nervous about investing in the stock market? You aren’t the only one. There is a real trend of the retail investor feeling the stock market is stacked against retail investor success. Both real estate and the stock market can have their advantages. Yet, if you don’t want to have your money depend on […]

Montana land for sale

Varieties of Montana Land for Sale

Updated 12/29/17 Life has a funny way of taking you where you least expect it. Growing up, I never thought I would be living in Montana. It’s been 6 years since I moved to Montana and every day has been an adventure.  I love the area, but what makes MT so special, is the people. […]

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Montana Farms For Sale: Technology’s Impact

Updated 12/29/2017 12,000 years ago, farming spread its roots in the lives of hunter-gatherers and changed humans lives forever. It has taken centuries at this point to develop the tools and equipment that is needed and utilized in modern farming. When we think of traditional Montana farming, often what comes to mind is a homesteader […]

Montana home and ranch realty

Montana Home and Ranch Realty

Updated January 4th, 2018 When you look at real estate you usually have residential, commercial and then farm and ranch. When you are looking at Montana home and ranch realty, the house is always in play. Clients that are selling or buying a Montana farm or ranch have to consider the residence. We find, in […]

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Montana Corn Maze-Montana Farmers get Creative

Updated November 20, 2017 This time of the year when you are driving all over Montana looking at farms and ranches you get to see some interesting sights. It is like everyone is trying to come up with any idea to spend a little more time outside before the snow gets here. Couple that with […]

Buying Montana Ranch

Buying Montana Ranch, 13 Things to Ponder

Updated November 9th, 2017 The idea of buying a Montana ranch or farm is a dream come true to many that have spent their career in office buildings or concrete jungles. They envision quiet time with incredible views and solitude where no one can interrupt them and they have plenty of space. We get that […]