Montana land for sale

Varieties of Montana Land for Sale

Updated 12/29/17 Life has a funny way of taking you where you least expect it. Growing up, I never thought I would be living in Montana. It’s been 6 years since I moved to Montana and every day has been an adventure.  I love the area, but what makes MT so special, is the people. […]

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Montana Ranches Wildlife-Elk Facts

Updated 12/14/17 When most people think about Montana they usually think about two animals first, grizzly bears and elk. Elk which are also called wapiti are a larger cousin to the deer family. Wapiti is a Native American word which translates to light colored deer. Elk were once found in most of the North American […]

Hunting land for sale in Montana

Hunting Land for Sale in Montana(Hunting Ranches)

Updated 12/18/2017 Written by Buzz Tatom Hunting land for sale in Montana can vary from the part of the state to animals you want to hunt. It can also vary by size of acreage. Whether you are wanting to hunt only on your private property or you are willing to buy property that borders public […]

Ranches for Sale in Montana

Ranches for Sale in Montana

Updated November 10th, 2017 If you have searched the term ranches for sale in Montana, you, like millions of others, may view Montana as the last best place. If you are fortunate to have the financial resources to look at ranches for sale in Montana and purchase one, you are blessed. A big chunk of […]

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Best Montana Elk Rut Guide

Updated November 10th, 2017 So the Montana elk rut has started. Well, it actually started several weeks ago but now we are nearing the peak of the rut. This is one of the most exciting times to be on a Montana ranch or public land. This is the time of year where everything and everyone […]

Montana Ranching

Characters in Montana Ranching-From $25 Candle Holder to $25,000 Chandeliers

Updated November 8th, 2017 The people you meet while selling Montana ranches are one of the big reasons I love this business. They are salt of the earth, great people. Many are self made and the others came from self made stock. The unique way these people have learned to make livings and the stories […]