views from a western ranch for sale

Western Ranch for Sale: Start Your Search Now

  Many parts of Western Montana give you the feeling that you’re stepping back in time and seeing the state is it was hundreds of years ago. In many cases, portions of Western Montana remain the same as they were when Lewis and Clark made their way across the Louisiana Purchase. This nostalgic feeling is […]

hunting lodge for sale with a rustic interior

Hunting Lodge for Sale: What to Look for Before Purchasing

  Owning your own Montana hunting lodge is an incredibly rewarding opportunity. Not only do you get to live out in the wilderness in a lovely hunting lodge, but you get to make memories that will last you a lifetime. Montana Hunting lodges are also a fantastic investment opportunity because they will appreciate in value […]

Buying Hunting Land used for upland bird hunting

Finding and Buying Hunting Land Guide: Part 2

In our previous article, Guide to Finding and Buying Hunting Land: Part 1, we tried to help the reader find what kind of hunting land would suit them asking pointed questions. These questions were asked to try and create a personal image of the ideal property for you when you are trying to find hunting […]

Bowhunter hunting land

Guide to Finding and Buying Hunting Land: Part 1

Avid hunters are always in search of good hunting spots in Montana and other states. The perfect hunting spot is different for every hunter. For some, it is a piece of land that is abundant with big game, or any other species worthy of hunting. For others, it’s easy to get to, or vacant of […]