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Montana Ranch for Sale Real Estate Report 2017

26 Apr
Buzz Tatom April 26, 2017 0

Montana Ranch for Sale

Our Montana ranch for sale report shows numerous different classifications that break down a Montana ranch for sale. If you are into Montana Ranches and the beauty of Montana and dream of owning a Montana ranch at some point in your life, this will be a post you will enjoy! As a Montana Ranch Brokerage, it is a fun time of the year now that the snow is melting. We get excited about Spring because we get to show off Montana ranches in all their green glory. It is with this thought in mind that Venture West Ranches created the Montana Ranch for Sale Real Estate Report.

This report encompasses the best that Montana has to offer for a variety of ranch classifications for sale. There was close to 100 hours put into generating this Montana Ranch for Sale Real Estate report and taking hundreds of properties down to a few. We scoured both broker websites and larger consolidated websites to give our readers the best choices in multiple classifications.

By putting the ranches into different classes, buyers of Montana ranches can find what they are looking for in regards to all different kinds of acreage, types, dollar amounts, locales, uses, etc… Opinions vary and this report is based on a number of factors.

If you disagree with us or know of a property that isn’t in this report, let me know and we will revise it if we agree with you! 

Some listing information written in this report is provided from the websites of the listing agents. We have accentuated that information with local and area knowledge. All facts such as acreage, carrying capacity, ranch wildlife, etc…should be verified before making any decisions on a property. If you want something further verified please feel free to call us to help you verify information to your comfort level.

Montana hunting ranches for sale

Best Montana Hunting Ranch For Sale

Our criteria on the best Montana Hunting Ranch for Sale includes any of a number of factors! One factor can be the best overall number of species with trophy potential. Another factor can be the overall volume of huntable wildlife on the property. We are looking for the best overall hunting properties that provide high-quality hunting opportunities. These properties don’t have to be the biggest or the most expensive Montana hunting ranches. Properties in this category don’t have to be close to a city or an airport. Properties are judged strictly on general hunting opportunities.


Two Crow Ranch

Acreage: 45,687 

Price: $7,950,000

Location: Winnett, MT

Located in east-central Montana, the Two Crow Ranch includes 4,400 acres of deeded land as well as 41,287 acres of BLM, Chain Buttes grazing allotments, and private land leases. The property starts in the Missouri Breaks and continues northeast to the border of the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge.

The property is home to its own herd of elk, deer, antelope, and upland game birds. The CMR National Wildlife Refuge consists of 1.1 million acres along the Missouri River and is some of the most pristine, untouched land in the United States. Lands that Lewis and Clark once passed through. The CMR refuge is dense in Elk, mule deer, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, and grouse. Sharing a border with the CMR Refuge allows for the free flow of wildlife into and out of the Two Crow Ranch. This natural flow most likely allows for spectacular hunting opportunities.

The Missouri Breaks are known for trophy bull elk. Most of these elk are local and nonmigratory which allows them to put their energy and nutrition into growing antlers instead of migrating. This area also will usually have pheasants and waterfowl hunting as well. The Mule Deer trophy possibilities are also very good and underestimated. The Two Crow Ranch makes the Best Montana Hunting Ranch category because of its massive size and access to some of Montana’s best big game hunting and trophy potential. 


G Bar T Ranch

Acreage: 5,022 

Price: $8,500,000

Location: Townsend, MT

The G Bar T Ranch is located outside of Townsend and is approximately 45 minutes away from the Capital of Helena. The property consists of 8,582 acres. Of the 8,582 acres, 5,022 are deeded, 114 are irrigated, and 3,560 are leased from the State or BLM. The G Bar T Ranch could arguably be placed under the Elk Hunting Ranch category, but it fits as possibly Montana’s best hunting ranch for sale. It is reported that hundreds of Elk are year-round residents to the G Bar T Ranch. This alone makes the 5,022-acre property an ideal Elk hunting ranch and an important property in the Montana ranch for sale report.

However, wildlife from the entire area is most likely attracted to the property through the property’s 114 irrigated acres. The G Bar T Ranch has valley land that extends into rolling hills, which transition into the Big Belt Mountains. This provides abundant habitat for Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Elk, Black Bears and several species of upland game birds. Wildlife can move down to the valley for the winters where food is plentiful and accessible and then move up to the higher elevation as the temperatures rise. Wildlife can range strictly on the G Bar T Ranch and not have to migrate to new areas. This can be a big bonus from both lighter hunting pressure and the ability for wildlife to devote their energy and nutrition towards increasing body and antler mass.

The G Bar T also shares a border with the Helena National Forest, further increasing hunting opportunities and wildlife corridors. This area is thriving with wildlife and the expansive grasslands on the G Bar T provide ample food for the wildlife population. In our opinion, the G Bar T Ranch should be considered for the classification of one of the best hunting ranches for sale in all of Montana in our Montana ranch for sale real estate report of 2017.


Top Montana Cattle Ranch for Sale

The top Montana Cattle Ranch for Sale category outlines some of the best ranches for raising livestock. These ranches will still have hunting and possibly fishing opportunities, but they are really for the diehard cattleman that is looking to raise the best herd of cattle. I’m not going to discuss breeds. Too many fights waiting on that one! I’m looking for good grass, ample water supply, and enough acreage to support a good size cattle herd. No big hat, no cattle in this classification of the Montana ranch for sale report!


Hobble Diamond Ranch 

Acreage: 27,000

Price: $32,000,000

Location: Big Timber, MT

Located 12 miles east of Big Timber the Hobble Diamond Ranch is the full package. The property has 27,000 acres of native rangeland and has a reported carrying capacity of about 1,000 animal units which facilitates a robust cattle herd. The ranch is a 4 season, self-contained, year-round cattle ranch. The property has 1,250 acres of flood, wheel-line, and pivot irrigated land that produces more than enough feed for the cattle herd. Any surplus hay can be sold for additional revenue. The ranch also features a 520-ft. feedlot for calves amongst many other improvements. 

The property features a 10,000 sq. ft. owners home tucked away from the main operations of the ranch. A bunkhouse, 4 guest cabins, and ranch managers home provide accommodations for anyone staying at the Hobble Diamond Ranch.  With 6 miles of waterfront along the Yellowstone River and a private pond, the Hobble Diamond Ranch has a strong fishing feature.

The ranch also has a resident herd of elk as well as large whitetail deer, mule deer, and antelope populations. There are also portions along the ranch that are designated shooting preserves which provide world-class upland game bird and waterfowl hunting. The reason this is a strong contender for this category is the apparent irrigated acreage that has the ability to keep feed inputs to what looks like to be very minimal. The size of the herd also should allow economies of scale and the ability to keep a genetically superior herd that could possibly drive higher beef prices or additional revenue streams.

The reason this is a strong contender for this category is the irrigated acreage that provides reported sufficient food stores for the herd. The size of the herd also should allow economies of scale and the ability to keep a genetically superior herd that could possibly drive higher beef prices and add additional revenue streams.


Pine View Ranch

Acreage: 24,139 

Price: $16,000,000

Location: Custer, MT

With a reported carry capacity of 600 cows or 1,200 yearlings, the Pine View Ranch is a large-scale cattle ranch that fits perfectly into this category. The ranch is located less than an hour outside of Billings, near Custer, Montana. It is located in one of the best areas for cattle ranches. Of the 24,139 acres, 22,339-acres are rangeland, and 1,800-acres are tilled and seeded dryland hay.

The dryland hay helps supplement the herd during the winters and helps relieve the pressure the cows’ place on the rangeland. Winters are milder in this portion of the state, which means that it only takes a reported 1-1.5 tons of hay to winter a cow. The rangeland is almost entirely comprised of native grasses another big plus. Coulees, throughout the property, provide protection for livestock and wildlife. 

The property also holds extensive stock water and domestic water rights through the DNRC to adequately water the ranch. This Montana ranch for sale is a great candidate for someone looking at purchasing a cattle ranch that is able to support a 600 head cow herd or 1,200 yearlings. Although, I would like to see irrigated pasture on this ranch, the milder winters counteract this deficit and this is the reason this ranch is a contender as one of Montana’s best cattle ranch for sale. 


Montana elk hunting ranches for sale

Top Montana Elk Hunting Ranch for Sale

Montana’s hunting roots run deep. That being said, the 2017 Montana Ranch for Sale Real Estate Report would be incomplete without a focus on Elk hunting ranches for sale. A number of Montana recreational ranches are bought with Elk Hunting being the first factor on the ranch buyers mind and this is what many buyers are considering when they start their Montana ranch for sale search. These ranches can be large or small. They can be adjacent to public land or entirely self-contained. What we are looking for is a ranch where someone will be able to hunt elk for many years to come with the possibility of large trophy bulls. No consideration of archery vs gun or ease of terrain is considered. 


Trophy Elk Ranch

Acreage: 5,417

Price: $7,750,000

Location: Hilger, MT

With 3,817 deeded acres and 1,600 acres of State and BLM leased land, this trophy elk ranch presents a wide array of opportunities for any owner. Reportedly, the property has the potential for a 400 cow/calf herd.

It also includes riverfront property along the shores of the Judith River which boasts populations of Brown and Rainbow Trout as well as Walleye, Sauger, and Catfish. Another plus is the income brought in by grazing leases. The real value of this property is in its wildlife resources. Several record-setting Elk have been harvested from this property. Elk are not the only prevalent types of wildlife. The property also contains great numbers of Whitetail and Mule Deer, Pheasants, Turkeys, and Upland Game Birds. This property is being considered for the Elk hunting ranch classification due to the reported trophy Elk taken on the property. This Montana ranch for sale gives you a wide array of hunting opportunities.


3 Mile Farm

3,100 Acres


Winifred, Montana

Located near Winifred, Montana, and with access to the Judith River area, the 3 Mile Farm is located in the heart of some of Montana’s best Elk hunting. With 1,190 farmed acres, 1,774 grass acres, 19 state lease farm acres, and 117 state lease grass acres, the 3 Mile Farm provides excellent habitat and forage area that produce trophy Elk.

Over 5 miles of live water provide wildlife with more than enough resources to call 3 Mile Farm, home. The property borders over 1,700 acres of public land that access the Judith River. This area is renowned for the trophy Elk being harvested from it. With additional wildlife management, this property could become one of Montana’s premier Elk hunting ranch. We like this property due to the trophy Elk area and the public land access next to the property. This has the possibility of pushing pressured Elk from public land onto the property. This Montana ranch for sale also gives you an opportunity at good upland hunting for pheasants.


Montana fly fishing ranches for sale

Leading Fly Fishing Ranches for Sale Montana 

Fly fishing ranches for sale in Montana are not easy to classify. Are we looking for a fly fishing ranch that is on one of Montana’s premier rivers? Is it the size of the trout that count or species of trout? Are we looking to find where you will catch the most fish in a day or are we willing to give up some numbers for size? There are many variables such as lake vs stream, private vs public, and numbers of streams in close proximity that need to be taken into consideration. This one will certainly be a category that flyfisherman will debate all day long on our choices!


Blue Ribbon Ranch

Acreage: 757 

Price: $1,600,000

Location: Philipsburg, MT

The Blue Ribbon Ranch includes acreage along the world-famous Rock Creek and Willow Creek Blue Ribbon trout streams. This property is a fly fisherman’s dream. Rock Creek boasts healthy populations of Rainbow, Brown, Westslope Cutthroat, and Bull Trout. Willow Creek is a nice Rainbow and Brown Trout stream that, reportedly, has trout that fall into the 10-15″ class with some larger Browns in the mix. The property features steep rock cliffs that Big Horn sheep call home and hosts a wide array of wildlife. The Blue Ribbon Ranch also adjoins to thousands of acres of National Forest land providing excellent hunting and recreational opportunities.

The entire property, as well as 2 surrounding properties, are protected by land easements which will preserve the privacy of the property indefinitely. The land easements will also protect Rock Creek and Willow Creek and ensure that private fishing opportunities will be available for generations to come.

The property also has several acres of irrigated, hay producing land which further the recreational potential of this ranch. The Blue Ribbon Ranch makes the Fly Fishing Ranches for Sale category because it gives access to not one but two Blue Ribbon trout streams! This place is fabulous for flyfisherman who prefer to wade when they are fly fishing! While not large, this Montana ranch for sale gives you great recreational opportunities at a lower entry level.


Yellowstone River Ranch

Acreage: 1,345

Price: $5,695,000

Location: Emigrant, MT

The Yellowstone River Ranch is located along a mile-long portion of the Yellowstone River, between Livingston and Gardner, Montana. The ranch includes river bottom portions which are teaming with wildlife such as Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, and vast amounts of Waterfowl. It also provides access to over a mile of the coveted Yellowstone River which allows for fly fishing access to one of Montana’s premier fly fishing rivers. The Yellowstone River Ranch has access to some of the best portions of the Yellowstone River. This area boasts not only high populations but large sizes of Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout.

The rolling hills and bluffs also featured on the property provide opportunities for trail riding and other recreational activities. Being in the Paradise Valley, the Yellowstone River Ranch is just a short drive from the entrance of Yellowstone National Park. The ranch also features great views of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, the Gallatin Mountains, and the Crazy Mountains.

The Yellowstone River is regarded as one of the best fly fishing rivers in all of the world. It is classified as a Blue Ribbon Fishery and provides the Yellowstone River Ranch with some of the best fly fishing possible. This property belongs in the Fly Fishing Ranches category because of its premier location along the Yellowstone River and its added recreational potential. 


Montana Ranch for Sale with Homes

For this category, we will use the word “home” very carefully. The focus of this category is on properties with an incredible home, homes, or lodge that are the primary reason someone would want to buy the property. The size of the ranch can be large or small but the home looks magnificent and is the focal point of the ranch. They can often be used for business or as a corporate retreat or can be used for large parties and gatherings. Ranch owners won’t always get back what they spend on a property in this category. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder and one man’s mansion is another man’s $5 million teardown. Usually, you find these properties with large acreage with multiple recreational opportunities that could win in other categories. 

Rockin’ DK Ranch

Acreage: 181

Price: $7,900,000

Location: Victor, MT

This 181-acre ranch is located along the Bitterroot River and features an outdoor equestrian arena as well as miles of interwoven riding trails throughout the property. The Bitterroot River hosts good populations of Rainbow and Brown Trout making the Rockin’ DK Ranch perfect for those looking for a fly fishing property. Located just south of Missoula, this ranch is in a central location to enjoy much of what Montana has to offer.

The crown jewel of this ranch is an astonishing 11,000 sq ft custom stone and log home that is absolutely breathtaking. The interior of the home features fully exposed timber ceiling beams and intricate stonework. There is also a covered outdoor eating area as well as a walkway attaching the garage and guest room to the remainder of the house. With 11 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, this property rightfully fits in the Montana Ranch with Homes for Sale category.


Luxury Montana Fly Fishing Property

Acreage: 105

Price: $2,400,000

Location: Missoula, MT

North of the Rockin’ DK Ranch is this fantastic property. This property is located just minutes outside of Missoula, Montana, but still, provides a retreat into Montana’s wilderness. The 105-acre property features a ½ mile stretch of waterfront along the Clark Fork River which provides excellent fly fishing opportunities.

This property is unique from several other Montana properties. This property not only features one exquisite lodge but three. The lodges have recently been constructed with the oldest being built in 2008. The lodges capture a warm feeling of Montana with interior stonework, wall mounted wildlife trophies, and wood furniture as well as the amazing views of the Clark Fork River and the surrounding areas.

The property also borders United States Forest Service land which can be used for a variety of recreational activities such as hunting. This property is perfect for those looking to have a personal lodge with guest houses scattered around the property or those looking to turn the property into a fishing outfit and allowing guests to stay in any of the lodges.


Montana Ranch for Sale with No Homes

A number of Montana ranch buyers don’t want another home to take care of or they might want a clean slate to build their dream home. This category in the Montana Ranches for Sale Real Estate Report will either have no home or a very small home or caretaker’s place. This category might be bought for cattle ranching or as a recreational property and there is no need for a home. Acreage could be large or small.

Silver Star Parcel

Acreage: 37 

Price: $375,000

Location: Silver Star, Montana

This property is ready to be transformed into your dream ranch. With 200 feet of waterfront along the Jefferson River and great views of the Tobacco Roots, this property makes the report because of its affordability and high-quality. The property has a private boat launch on the Jefferson, so getting on the river couldn’t be easier.

It also includes water rights and has approval for a septic system to be installed. With year-round grazing, the property is perfect for horses. At any time, Whitetail & Mule Deer, Moose, Pheasant, Elk, and Waterfowl will be roaming around the property. It also lies in a central location with Twin Bridges 10 miles away, Butte and Dillon 35 miles away, and Bozeman 80 miles away. This property is waiting for its ideal owners to come build a beautiful home on the property and enjoy the land for many years to come. 


West Fork Ranch

2,764 Acres


Big Timber, MT

This 2,764-acre property is ideal for anyone looking to build their dream house on. The property is in a Conservation Easement with Montana Land Reliance, which allows two homes to be built on the property. One house is site-specific and one is floating and can be built anywhere. The Little Timber Creek and West Fork of the Little Timber Creek converge on the property and eventually meet the Yellowstone River, which forms the ranches southern boundary. The Little Timber Creek and the Yellowstone River, a Blue Ribbon Fishery, provide excellent trout fishing.

The property has views of the Crazy Mountains to the northwest. Positioning your potential house to have views of the mountains would be ideal. The property also has strong populations of big game animals such as Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, and Antelope. Healthy Waterfowl, Turkey, and Hungarian Partridge populations allow for excellent hunting opportunities.

The West Fork Ranch has undergone many renovations and improvements to make it ready for a small cattle operation. The addition of two new gravity-fed pivots with additional end-gun and flood irrigation allows for what looks like extensive irrigation for farmland. A new equipment barn and cattle pens and facilities, as well as a renovated historic barn and granary, all help facilitate a small cattle operation to be successful. This property is for an owner looking to utilize the recreational aspects of the West Fork Ranch as well as maintaining a healthy cattle operation. It also provides great views of the Crazy Mountains and is ready for a custom home to be built on the property. The water rights are good. Water rights in Montana have become very valuable to own and likely will continue to appreciate.


Montana ranches for sale real estate report

Best Recreational Montana Ranches for Sale

This category is going to take into consideration a combination of things that the new buyer can enjoy while owning the property. Not all the recreation may be located on the property. There will be numerous pursuits on the ranch but close proximity to other recreational opportunities. These properties will provide endless hunting, fishing, hiking, trail riding but will also lie within close proximity to other recreational pursuits.

Sula Peak Ranch

Acreage: 2,848

Price: $13,500,000

Location: Sula, Montana

Nestled in the Bitterroot Valley near the small town of Sula, Montana, Sula Peak Ranch is a cattle ranch that provides incredible recreational opportunities. The residents and operations facilities lie on the 2,848 deeded acres of the property. The Sula Peak Ranch also consists of 25,291-acres of Forest Service and Montana State land secured by grazing permits and leases. Currently, the property carries 350 cow/calf pairs in an effort to facilitate range conservation and wildlife management.

The reported focus is on making sure that land isn’t overgrazed and that there are still grazing resources for wildlife on the property. In an effort to sustain range conservation, the ranch has 400 irrigated acres of hay producing land that yields a reported 2.5-3 tons per acre. The location of Sula Peak Ranch provides excellent recreational opportunities. Cities are not far away, with Hamilton lying 35 miles north of the ranch and Missoula lying 90 miles away north of the ranch. Lost Trail Powder Mountain Ski Resort is a 15-minute drive away and provides good skiing with very little to no lift lines.

The East Fork of the Bitterroot River flows along the southern boundary of the property and provides approximately a mile of river frontage that boast healthy numbers of Rainbow, Cutthroat, Brown, and Bull Trout. Cameron Creek runs diagonally through the property for 5 miles, from northeast to southwest. During the spawning season, large brown trout make their way upstream giving fisherman chances at big brownies.

Biking, hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, bird and wildlife watching are all recreational pursuits that are either available on the ranch or in close proximity to the property. The healthy grazing policy promotes healthy wildlife populations. The property supports a healthy resident Elk herd as well as strong numbers of Whitetail & Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Lions, and Black Bear. The Sula Peak Ranch belongs in this category because of its ideal location to surrounding recreational pursuits as well as the current hunting and fishing opportunities on the ranch. 


Shedhorn Ranch

Acreage: 95

Price: $5,400,000

Location: Ennis, MT

This 95-acre property is located approximately 15 minutes outside of Ennis, Montana, which is also known as Trout Town, USA. Perched above the Madison River Valley sits a 7,500 sq ft custom log home with 5 bedrooms and 5 baths that has incredible views of the surrounding area.

Jack Creek runs through the property and provides some fishing opportunities, but just 10 minutes away is the famous Blue Ribbon fishery, the Madison River. The Madison is abundant with Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Mountain Whitefish. Shedhorn Ranch is situated near the portion of the Madison known as the “Fifty Mile Riffle” which provides some of the best fishing on the river, therefore, giving Ennis its famous name. 

This property is classified as one of the best recreational ranches because of its premier location and nearby recreational activities. The property is being sold with private access up Jack Creek Road to access Big Sky Resort, Spanish Peaks Resort, and the Yellowstone Club.

Being a reported 19 miles from the Six Shooter lift at Moonlight Basin makes this property ideal for those looking to hit the slopes. The Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course is also located in Moonlight Basin and is an excellent course. There are several other private and public golf courses within a short driving distance from the ranch.

The Lee Metcalf Wilderness is also within a short drive and provides opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, and hunting. Elk, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, and Partridge call the Shedhorn Ranch home which provides for excellent hunting opportunities on the property. With abundant resources on the property and its close vicinity to some of Montana’s best recreational areas, the Shedhorn Ranch is a top contender for one of the best recreational ranches for sale in Montana.


Small Montana Ranch for Sale

This is a category all by itself because there are quite a few buyers that want small acreage property. Call it a ranch or a gentleman’s rancher, but the small acreage aspect allows you to own some land but not have near as many chores and not break the bank. A number of buyers want to be able to hunt on adjacent or close public land, therefore this category will look at properties that lie adjacent to public hunting lands. The acreage can vary but we are looking for “ranches” in the 20-80 acre size.

Missouri Breaks Retreat

Acreage: 20

Price: $89,900

Location: Winnett, MT

The Missouri Breaks Retreat is located northeast of Winnett, Montana. This property is the budget-minded outdoorsman’s dream. With a quarter-mile stretch of riverfront along the Musselshell River, owners have access to a river with 20+lb Channel Catfish, Pike, Walleye, and Carp. Fort Peck and its 53 species of fish are located 2 miles north of the property providing even further fishing opportunities. The 20-acre property is surrounded by tens of thousands of acres of State and BLM land accessible for public hunting. The Missouri Breaks provide some of the best trophy big game animals available in all of Montana. By owning only a 20-acre ranch, you are able to have hunting that spans thousands of acres.  


Whispering Pines

Acreage: 41.35

Price: $2,795,000

Location: Bozeman, MT

This property is ideal for an owner who is wanting a smaller acreage property but with the same feel of a ranch. This property provides just that. Whispering Pines is a 41-acre property that is nestled on the northeast side of Mount Ellis with amazing views of the Bridger Mountains and is only about a 10-minute drive from downtown Bozeman.

The property also receives regular visits from resident Elk, Whitetail & Mule Deer, Moose, Black Bears, and Turkeys. The property features a 5,388 sq. ft. Spanish design and western influenced house. This small acreage property is a viable option for anyone wanting the feel of a ranch but with a smaller chore list.


Montana ranches for sale real estate report

Large Montana Ranch for Sale

This category in the 2017 Montana Ranches for Sale Real Estate Report is for the buyer that is looking for the prized large Montana ranch. Due to the size and the investment, there will usually need to be income from the property. Either farming or ranching can be done and many times both will be included in this type of ranch. These are the ones that are press released and you hear about in the media selling for millions of dollars.

Teigen Ranch

Acreage: 36,020

Price: $21,000,000

Location: Grass Range, MT

Located in Central Montana, the Teigen Ranch is 36,020 acres of pristine Montana land. The ranch has over 13 miles of waterfront along McDonald Creek providing reportedly excellent fishing opportunities. The land also promotes great upland bird hunting. Teigen Ranch supports healthy populations of Elk, Muley, Whitetail, and Antelope allowing for exceptional hunting possibilities. The pictures of trophy elk harvested show the potential.

This is a well-established cattle ranch that has great water resources and healthy grazing areas as well as protection from the elements in the form of coulees and forested areas. It is a pure old style Montana ranch that is one contiguous land holding. The Teigen Ranch has been in the family operation since 1884. It looks to have a nice ranch house that could be used as headquarters or could become a ranch manager home easily and a new owner could build their own home.


IX Ranch

Acreage: 126,000

Price: $69,500,000

Location: Aberdeen, MT

This is a beautiful and historical Montana ranch  for sale with great stewards as owners. Located Northeast of Great Falls, the IX Ranch is a very well-respected ranch that has been in business for 128 years. Operating between 3,600-4,300 cattle per year. 59,809 acres is deeded land and the rest are state leased grazing lands. The property also has reported healthy populations of Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail, Antelope, and 5 species of Upland Game Birds that are able to sustain hunting.

This Montana ranch for sale is being sold complete with all livestock, feed, vehicles, machinery, and equipment plus all real estate deeded lands, leases, water rights and owned mineral rights. There is extensive housing on the ranch. As reported, the IX has done great work and investment to ensure the next owner hits the ground running with extensive planning, accounting, reporting, and grazing practices. 


Top Eastern Montana Ranch for Sale

This may seem like an odd category considering we don’t have any other categories that are geographically defined. If you’re from Montana you can probably understand why we included Eastern Montana Ranches in their own category. Eastern Montana is very different from the rest of Montana. It holds a special place in my heart and I believe has serious upside considering the disparity in prices per acre right now compared to other areas of the state. Eastern Montana ranches are very beautiful but they are different than most peoples’ perception of what Montana looks like.

Rolling hills and badlands with great big views. It still has numerous rivers but they become more warm water fisheries. Lots of upland bird hunting, waterfowl and trophy Muleys and pockets of elk. Eastern Montana is still very much cattle country and multiple generational landowners. 

Miller Cattle Company

Acreage: 14,270

Price: $12,850,000

Location: Crow Agency, Montana

With 14,270 deeded acres and an additional 8,400 leased acres, the Miller Cattle Company is a premier Eastern Montana ranch. The ranch, which is located approximately 60 minutes east of Billings, has a carrying capacity of approximately 800 animal units. In order to support such a large herd, the property has undergone some high-quality improvements to improve agricultural land, water supply, and healthy grazing lands. The healthy land supports robust populations for recreational Pheasant and Upland Game Bird hunting. The property also contains 3 homes that accompany the operating facilities for the owners, ranch manager, and work staff. This property is a high-quality Eastern Montana ranch for sale and belongs in this category. 


 Cedar Creek Ranch

Acreage: 58,050

Price: $29,900,000

Location: Wibaux, MT

Located only a few miles away from the North Dakota border, the Cedar Creek Ranch is one of the best eastern Montana cattle ranches for sale. In the late 1800’s this area was where Texas cattle ranchers would bring their cattle to graze in the summer.

It is unreported, but this area often has strong populations of Antelope and Mule Deer as well as fantastic habitat for Pheasants and other Upland Game Birds. With thousands of acres of grazing land, this property is perfect to support a large cattle operation, the Cedar Creek Ranch is a top eastern Montana ranch for sale. 


Montana guest ranches for sale

Successful Montana Guest Ranches for Sale

Guest ranches can encompass a number of categories for the buyer. It can be a full working ranch or a place to stay and go out and enjoy the recreational pursuits of the area. These are pretty specialized and there are never very many that are for sale in Montana at one time. Guest ranches can be small acreage or part of a larger working ranch. For the most part, guest ranches are usually small acreage in beautiful places that have a place to stay and be fed and has pursuits close to the property. 

7R Guest Ranch


Price: $1,590,000

Location: Wolf Creek, MT

The 7R Guest Ranch is located just north of Wolf Creek, MT in the Missouri River famed fly fishing area. This guest ranch is a Motel/Bar/Restaurant/RV Park with an ATV Park with over 37 miles of trails going in adjacent to the property. Beautiful Little Wolf Creek runs right through it and you are on a quiet road off the beaten path. The Missouri River is just a few miles away and the area has some beautiful drives and hikes. This area is one of the prettiest parts of Montana. Ideal for events such as weddings or family reunions.

Our Montana Ranch for Sale Real Estate Report 2017 shows just how complicated and how many types of ranches can be for sale in Montana. I hope you found the report informational. If you have a thought or comment please feel free to drop me an email.

Also, if you have a category I didn’t cover or a ranch you would like me to consider let me know and I’ll make every effort to give you a hand. Oh, and if you are looking to sell or buy a Montana ranch and need someone to help you through the process please give me a shout.

If you found this article useful and are looking at purchasing a Montana Ranch you might want to read a couple of other articles. Things to Consider when Buying a Montana Ranch and Montana Bull Auction Report both give you insight into owning Montana Ranches and Buying Montana Ranch, 13 Things to Ponder also is a good insightful read. You can also visit out Montana ranches for sale homepage.






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Buzz Tatom is a ranch owner that has built, run, and sold numerous businesses in his career. This gives him a unique background in helping Montana farmers and ranchers navigate the life decisions that we all have to face. Whether it is passing a ranch on to the next generation or planning for eventual sale, his talents and contacts help save clients money and navigate complicated transactions.


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Digital Marketing and Content Manager

As the Digital Marketing and Content Manager, Connor writes and creates content that compliments the Montana farms and ranches for sale on the website. Check out our articles page for more articles about Montana ranches.


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