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Montana Hunting Ranches for Sale-The Dream

04 Feb
Buzz Tatom February 4, 2017 0
 Updated 4/19/18

I grew up as a kid dreaming of hunting Bighorn and Dall Sheep. With my face buried deep in hunting magazines, reading them from cover to cover and looking at the small advertisements in the back of exotic hunting places like Montana and Alaska, I dreamed of being able to own a ranch of my own one day. It is funny how childhood dreams can affect your whole life. I looked for Montana hunting ranches for sale looking for elk and mule deer hunting opportunities all through my life. Realistically, back in those days, it was too expensive to travel to Montana and would have been impossible to be able to manage my business in Dallas and a ranch in Montana. I ended up buying a ranch in Texas that I still own today but continued to look at all the Montana hunting ranches for sale I found in magazines.

Eventually, our world got smaller. Travel costs and possibilities got better and the internet became the tool that all of us would be Montana ranchers used to find places that weren’t possible before. This led me to join Venture West Ranches as a Farm & Ranch Real Estate salesperson once we sold our business in Dallas and moved to Montana. I have learned a lot about ranches in Montana and kept seeing similar thoughts from people coming here to purchase Montana ranches. I want to share some of the insights I have seen and learned from them.

montana hunting land for sale

The Journey to Buying Montana Hunting Ranches for Sale

I will call it an evolution that people go through when they start looking at Montana hunting ranches for sale and eventually buy one. It starts with being something cool to bring friends to their Montana Ranch to hunt and fish. Almost, at times, a show and tell at first. Along the way before long, most of my clients realize just how many great memories they are creating with friends and family. I go more into depth about this in our article about Texas Pig Hunting. The Montana ranch becomes a part of the family. Just like my ranch, memories flood back when you are driving or walking around the ranch. Many good memories and then there is always the not so good memories. My son got bit by a Copperhead on our ranch and it led to a month-long ordeal that was scary, close to life-threatening but also shaped him. It led him to golf and he is on scholarship at the United States Air Force Academy. If he had not been this good at golf, his dream of going to the Air Force Academy may never have been realized. I walk by the spot where he got bit and the whole thought process goes through my head. God does make good things out of bad things. That stupid snake led him to do something he loves at a place he dreamed of attending. I only tell you that story because I have friends, acquaintances, and clients that have purchased Montana hunting ranches for sale that all have their stories of the role their Montana ranch has played in their families lives.

For many of these people, their Montana ranch changes them. I think part of that is you get up here and start meeting good Montana people that aren’t trying to impress anyone. I very seldom have a conversation in Montana with someone where we do the whole, Well what do you do? It just isn’t that important up here. A big change from the big city in most of America. It becomes about raising kids, the choice of lifestyle. You will hear people talk about their Montana ranches and how they feel they impact lives and the world from their chunk of land, great sunrises, and sunsets and with their closest neighbors being elk and deer.

hunting trophy moose in Montana on Hunting Ranches for Sale

Montana Hunting Ranch Benefits

You get to observe things that not many people in the world get to see. A bald eagle catching a trout right in front of you, walking out your front door and almost bumping into a moose. Elk bugling in the middle of the night so loud that you have to yell at them out your window. These are not made up but actual occurrences on Montana ranches.

I’ve been told owning a Montana ranch is about passing something on to family members that are real and gives a family a solid foundation in a very unsure world. The ranch is about building something as a family that they can all be proud of and enjoy. It is about passing to future generations so they can find out what was important to past generations. I hear comments that there is great satisfaction in purchasing a Montana hunting ranch for sale and improving what was given to you. Realistically, we are all stewards of the land that we are just borrowing during our lifespan.

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Things Montana Hunting Ranches Teach You

Owning a Montana ranch or Montana hunting ranch is hard work. Many don’t realize just how much hard work it entails. A ranch will teach you respect for putting in a hard day’s work. Mending fences in a snowstorm with 40 miles an hour winds teaches you a lot about yourself and the ones working with you. Getting up in the middle of the night to tend to birth, teaches you humility and shows you things you can’t learn in the big city. The life gets in your soul and I’ve been told numerous times it changes outlooks on dealing with stress and urban life. I know it did for me.

Running a Montana ranch also teaches you about having to make hard decisions in life. If you own a Montana hunting ranch you may have to decide which wild animal to take to improve genetics. What crop to plant to help increase the population of certain species. It will teach you skinning skills that I know have turned kids into wanting to be Surgeons. Nature is a fantastic school room filled problem-solving living skills and lessons. Some of those decisions give you instantaneous feedback, while some, may take decades to find out if you chose right. Those skills are transferable to any job market ever put on this earth.

Montana Hunting Ranches for Sale-The Dream

A ranch lifestyle also teaches you about people. When I found someone that liked to round up cattle, fly fish and said that grass looks good enough to eat, I knew I had found my soul mate. When someone says this is too hard when you are doing a ranch task you know you have some training to do. If you can laugh at each other when you have to hose off outside before going in, you found the kind of people you want in your foxhole.

So, if your life has become stagnant, your kids can’t get off the phone and brand labels rule your life, you might want to consider looking at Montana hunting ranches for sale. They are real, they won’t disappear and if you work them hard, there is a very good chance that they will be one of the best investments you ever make in your life. Not only that, but your Montana ranch can create some of the best memories you will ever have and the best thing is they don’t have to end with you. Montana hunting ranches for sale can be a place to build your legacy property that multiple generations can create memories on. If you are like me and have been dreaming and looking for a Montana ranch for years, what are you waiting for? If you have an interest in any type of Montana ranch or are looking in particular for Montana hunting ranches for sale, give me a call. I would love to help your family start creating memories. They come in all shapes, terrains, and sizes so it helps to have someone that can walk you through the process!

If this article interested in you and you are looking at Montana hunting ranches for sale you might want to read Hunting Land for Sale in Montana which outlines types of hunting and types of properties. For a full list of our Montana farms, ranches, and hunting land visit our properties page.

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