Montana Hunting Lodges: Venture West Ranches’ Style Guide

As hunting season commences, resident and nonresident hunters flock to the woods. Many hunters are enjoying their Montana hunting lodges or are looking for one that fits their needs. For many hunters, their hunting lodges can be a luxurious getaway tucked back into the woods. Other owners’ hunting lodges consist of a place where they can lay their head at night and grab some dinner. There are many different styles of Montana hunting lodges to suit your needs, some of which are listed below.

Old English Montana Hunting Lodges

Montana Hunting Lodges English Style Lodge

An Old English style lodge is designed and fashioned to feel like you are stepping back in time to sport hunting’s inception. Hunting is known as a gentlemen’s sport in England and dates back centuries. Whether you are looking to embrace this heritage or enjoy the finer things in life, an Old English style hunting lodge will be the perfect fit for you. This style of lodge will have decorations that date back to the period. Whether that’s a Purdey shotgun hanging above the mantle or artwork depicting noble bird dogs such as Irish Setters out in the field. An Old English hunting lodge may also have trophy pheasant, dove, grouse or other upland hunting trophies. A combination of rustic feel and elegance are what makes Old English style lodges stand out amongst the rest.


Modern Montana Hunting lodges

Modern Montana Hunting Lodges

An Old English style hunting lodge may not be what you are looking for, instead, possibly consider modern style Montana hunting lodges. Modern style hunting lodges utilize distinctive geometric lines throughout the lodge’s interior as well as flat neutral colors. Many times, wood, iron and stone are used in modern hunting lodges to distinguish themselves from regular modern homes. The accents created by the wood and stone make any modern home feel more rustic and portray the feeling of a hunting lodge. A modern style hunting lodge may be just the thing for you if you want the combination of the sleek, modern design with the rustic decor of a hunting lodge.


Rustic Montana Hunting Lodges

Rustic Montana Hunting Lodges

Rustic Montana hunting lodges are one of the more traditional styles of hunting lodges. These types of lodges mainly use wood floors and siding to create a rustic, old-fashioned decor. A great example of a rustic lodge is the Hebgen Lake Cabin in West Yellowstone. The use of dark woods and dim lighting help make any lodge feel more rustic. Often rustic Montana hunting lodges also have large trophies mounted on the walls or above the fireplace. When you purchase your own rustic hunting lodge you will have an ideal place to display your current or future trophies.


Montana hunting lodges with a trophy room

Montana Hunting Lodges with a Trophy Room

Some hunters may be a little more accomplished in harvesting trophies. If you fall into this category, a trophy room style hunting lodge may be your best option. A trophy room style hunting lodge allows the owner enough space to display all their hunting trophies. For some, this can just be a room of the hunting lodge but for others, they need the entire lodge to have enough space to display their trophies. The nice thing about a trophy room hunting lodge is that it can be incorporated into any style of lodge. A modern style hunting lodge can have a trophy room and so can an Old English style lodge.


Minimalistic montana hunting lodges

Minimalistic Montana Hunting Lodges

Some people are attracted to big fancy hunting lodges, but for those who aren’t, a more functional hunting lodge may be more appropriate. A minimalistic hunting lodge is focused primarily on functionality and use. These types of Montana hunting lodges are for those looking for a place to sleep while they are out in the field or on long hunting trips. Minimalistic lodges don’t focus on the fancy decorations or lavish furnishings. It’s a place where a hunter can kick their feet up after a long day of hunting and cook up a nice meal.

Regardless of what lodge appeals to you, make sure your hunting lodge is comfortable for you and any visitors. One way of doing so is by using shades of rustic reds, black, hunter greens, and earthy browns. These colors help you imitate the surrounding landscape outside of the lodge and bring them inside. A hunting lodge isn’t just a place to eat and sleep while out hunting, it’s a place where memories can be made and friends and family can come together. Make your hunting lodges yours and enjoy every day you get to spend in it.

I have helped a number of clients find their Montana hunting lodge. If you are at the beginning of the journey in your search for a Montana hunting lodge please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.




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