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Deer Hunting in Montana

19 Sep

Deer hunting in Montana can be for either Whitetail or Muleys. While there are some areas where you might find both species together normally you are looking for different terrain to hunt whitetails from muleys. Whitetails in Montana are viewed as more of a nuisance by most Montana residents. Farmers and ranchers definitely view them as a nuisance most…

Bighorn Sheep Hunting in Montana

19 Sep

Bighorn Sheep Hunting in Montana is a coveted tag to draw. Before we start talking about hunting Bighorns let’s do some background work on Montana Bighorns. There are 5700 bighorn sheep in 45 distinct populations spread throughout the state. They inhabit 3.7 million acres in the state. There are 40 Bighorn hunting districts. Eight are currently closed and 5…

Grouse Hunting in Montana

19 Sep

Pheasants get all the love when it comes to upland bird hunting but in Montana there is great grouse hunting in Montana throughout the state. The main four are the blue grouse, ruffed grouse, sage grouse and sharptail grouse. You can read more about the differences in the Fieldguide. There isn’t a lot of competition for grouse hunting…

Montana Pheasant Hunting

18 Sep

Montana pheasant hunting is unknown to many pheasant hunters as a strong candidate when considering places to go hunt. Doesn’t bother those of us that hunt in Montana. The crowds can go to South and North Dakota and we will just have our great Montana pheasant hunting with less crowds. The forecast for pheasants statewide can be found here The…

Big Game Alpine Hunting in Montana

12 Sep

Big Game Hunting in Alpine Montana Areas Hunting in Montana gives such varied opportunities from topography to species hunted but most hunters coming to Montana are after big game Alpine hunting in Montana. This includes elk, mule deer, Big Horn sheep and other species that live up high in forested areas in the mountains. For a number of hunters…

Riparian Hunting in Montana

11 Sep

Riparian Land Hunting in Montana Montana has a number of varied types of topography and hunting and one of my favorites is Riparian Hunting in Montana. Riparian is defined as land that is adjacent to a body of water. Most the time when we are talking about Montana that means next to a stream or river. If you can…

Upland Bird Hunting in Montana

11 Sep

Upland Bird Hunting in Montana When most hunters think of Montana hunting they do not usually think of Upland bird hunting in Montana but the state has a surprising number of pheasants and an enormous number of grouse as well as hungarian partridge. This suits most of us fine that Montana is not a state well known…

Ranch Real Estate Agencies Near Me

29 Jun

Finding the Best Ranch Real Estate Agencies Near Me Ranches are highly sought after in Montana. People come from all over the world in search of their own piece of Montana. This could be for investment reasons, recreational activities, Montana’s unique beauty, or an escape from the overly hectic city life. You may think that you can go find and…

Ranches for Sale Around Billings MT

21 Jun

Compelling Values in Ranches for Sale Around Billings MT Ranches for sale around Billings MT are most the time considered Eastern Montana. They likely will have fewer trout than ranches to the west. Animals might be smaller in overall numbers but bigger due to less competition for food and most not migrating due to milder weather. At 147,046 square miles (94,109,440…

5 Qualities the Best Ranch Real Estate Agents Have

18 Jun

Ranch real estate agents are all unique. Different traits, personalities, and qualities make them appealing to different people in the market for a ranch for sale. The best ranch real estate agents have a variety of qualities in common. Venture West Ranches has outlined 5 of the best qualities you want your ranch real estate agents to have. The 5…

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