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Montana Water Rights

31 Mar

Montana Water Rights Basics The issue of Montana water rights has become a hotbed issue and we are still early in the game. I have had several investors approach me about purchasing real estate to gain Montana water rights, or purchase water rights outright and separate from the land. Farmers and ranchers in Montana know that water rights hold value,…

Ranches for Sale in Montana

31 Mar

Top Ranches for Sale in Montana The top ranches for sale in Montana conjure up different pictures in separate peoples minds. That is why we are back again with the Top Ranches for Sale in Montana Real Estate Report. 2017 was a great year for Venture West Ranches. We held numerous Estate Planning seminars, participated in the Montana Stockgrowers…

January 2018 Montana and US Cattle and Calves Inventory Report

31 Jan

2018 United States Department of Agriculture and National Agricultural Statistics Service’s Cattle and Calves Inventory  The semiannual report released by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) is comprised of numbers, values, and statistics regarding the United States’ cattle and calves inventory as well as the number of cattle operations and size groups nationally and by state. These statistics and findings…

The Four Horsemen Talk Conquest-War-Famine-Death

27 Nov

The Four Horsemen: Strategies for Getting Your Family’s Ranch to Glory  As we get closer to the Montana Stockgrowers Association’s Annual Convention, Venture West Ranches wants to prepare you by providing information about what you need to know when it comes to buying, selling, or transferring your farm or ranch. (Send an email in advance to [email protected] with any questions…

The Four Horsemen Can Help Answer Your Big Questions

17 Nov

As a serious farmer or rancher, you probably have a lot of questions running through your mind: “How can we run this operation better?” “Are my kids ready to take over?” “Could I get sued and lose everything?” “What happens if I die tomorrow?” You might have talked to an attorney, accountant, banker, financial advisor, real estate agent, or…

Western Ranch for Sale: Start Your Search Now

07 Nov

Many parts of Western Montana give you the feeling that you’re stepping back in time and seeing the state is it was hundreds of years ago. It is for this reason I chose to move to Montana and join Venture West Ranches. In many cases, portions of Western Montana remain the same as they were when Lewis and Clark made…

How to Get the Most Out of Hunting Properties

31 Oct

Build it and they will come. This is true in hunting properties as well as baseball. Enhancement, enhancement, enhancement. Having successful and productive hunting properties is all about enhancement. Whether that means creating or expanding food plots, habitat, or wildlife populations. Improving these areas can turn good hunting properties into great hunting properties and build wildlife magnets. Here are some…



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