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Inaugural Flight for Venture West 1

10 Apr
Buzz Tatom April 10, 2016 0

Updated 4/24/18

So, I made a purchase to use for both marketing and being able to view ranches for Venture West Ranches.

This initial video was our maiden voyage for the Phantom 4 drone. Ugly, I know, but you have to start somewhere and this gives me a reference point in the future to how far I have come, hopefully. You have a choice in this business. You can hire drones and the editing of films or do it yourself. Hiring someone gets a bit expensive and there are so many applications you can use a drone on in selling Ranches in Montana. On the video end you might not be a professional but you can end up becoming pretty proficient at shooting and editing videos and you can shoot more videos at multiple times.

You can always hire the editing out too. One of the most important things to start with is a good drone with a fantastic camera. The Phantom 4 from DJI fits the bill exactly. You can go here to view the product and here are a few reviews. As always, proof is in the pudding and this is what the camera can do here and here.

The beauty is it takes a lot of the professional decisions out of your hands. The Phantom 4 can do slow-mo for you, exposure, and lighting which all have automatic settings. While not perfect, they are very good for 90% of the situations you will be presented. Automatic home, follow me, tap to fly to, etc…. the video can be up to 4k which is professional quality video.

So what all can it do for us here at Venture West Ranches? Beyond the obvious Marketing that it accomplishes it also can allow us to narrow down properties and show properties to clients online live via our Youtube and Facebook pages or by filming them and sending them links or the actual files to discuss. Many times the landscape won’t allow an easy walk to a point. That would not be a problem for Venture West 1. It can go there for us and send us pictures and short videos. It might be winter with lots of snow drifts that are impossible to get through. Not a problem, Venture West 1 can go see what you want to see. It is a strong tool for our clients whether they are buyers or sellers.

Basically, how the Phantom 4 works is, you have a flying machine with a camera underneath. It has a 120-degree field of view from straight down to a 30 degree up angle. Beyond that, you manipulate the flight to get a shot or video. So you can turn left or right or bank left or right. This allows you to put the super steady camera where you want it as long as you can turn or bank and manipulate the camera up or down. All the while monitoring your altitude and avoiding obstacles. Having obstacle avoidance built in automatically to the Phantom 4 is incredibly useful. Flight times are short at 25 minutes so you need to plan out your flight before taking off. You can always have extra batteries and replace them but you have to come back to your location and land to switch out batteries.

Below is one of our videos shot with Venture West 1. This property is the Missouri Breaks Retreat. As you can see from our video, VW1 is capable of capturing valuable video and picture of your Montana farm or ranch for sale. You can see some of our other videos here.

If you have a Montana Ranch or Farm for sale or are looking at purchasing a Montana Farm or Ranch and want to consider putting this very powerful tool to work for you please Contact us or visit our Facebook Page. We would love to be of service to you. We realize this will be one of the most important transactions (financial and emotional) in your life. We at VWR will do everything we can to assist you from start to end.


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