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The Four Horsemen Talk Conquest-War-Famine-Death

27 Nov
Buzz Tatom November 27, 2017 0

Cattlemans College/Montana Stockgrowers Annual Convention

The Four Horsemen: Strategies for Getting Your Family’s Ranch to Glory 

As we get closer to the Montana Stockgrowers Association’s Annual Convention, Venture West Ranches wants to prepare you by providing information about what you need to know when it comes to buying, selling, or transferring your farm or ranch. (Send an email in advance to [email protected] with any questions you would like us to respond to during the Q&A portion of the presentation) 

Conquest: Acquire and Grow

From Land to Air:  Land, stock, equipment, capital, facilities, stewardship & conservation, R&D

War:  Protect From Outside Threats

From Uncle Sam to Marxist Snowflake:  Taxman overreach, vindictive ex’s, disgruntled ranch hands, enviro-Nazis, drunk grandchildren, agritourists

Famine:  Provide For Unpredictable Hardship

From Wildfire to Tuberculosis:  Wildfire, crop failure, catastrophic loss, disability of key family member or personnel, market crash, beef recall/disease outbreak

Death:  Successful Generational Succession

From Father to Son:  When it comes there should be little to do; present necessity to pass it on; minimize the cost of transfer; minimize petty turf wars; identify a succession of single final decision-makers, but involve the whole family; know your family and prepare them for their roles

If you want to get your ranch to glory don’t you need a clear picture of what your glory looks like? One person’s glory is another person’s failure. This presentation at the Cattleman’s College on Dec 13 and 14th at Montana Stockgrowers Annual Convention takes you through the discovery of what your glory looks like because we all have different end results we desire for ourselves and our families. After this process, the Four Horsemen will host a roundtable discussion answering specific questions sent in beforehand and presented during the seminar. All questions sent in beforehand will be held in complete confidence. This isn’t just a discussion of Estate Planning but also a discussion on Succession, Tax strategies, Timing, Protection of Assets and learning what drives you!

We have done this Seminar in Montana several times and here is some of the feedback we have received from participants:

“Excellent presentation…I learned a lot!” –D.W.

“Please send an invite to the Stockgrowers’ presentation. I want to go again.” –H. & P. K

“I want to come to the workshop in Billings.” –M.J.

We will be available for free consultations on both the 13th and 14th if anyone is interested in discussing their specific situation. All discussions are held in strict confidence and nothing is shared outside the group. For info, please contact [email protected] or by cell or text at 406.580.4774.

The Seminar is free to all attendees of Montana Stockgrowers Annual Convention. See below for a link to sign up!


If you find the timing of this seminar does not work but you would like to have the group put on a Seminar for you and your area of farmers and ranchers, please feel free to reach out to us. We view this as a Stewardship and would love to help. Our only request is there be at least 10 attendees for us to do a seminar. Look forward to seeing you at the Cattlemans College at Montana Stockgrowers Annual Convention! Any questions you have please reach out to Buzz and don’t forget to send in your questions beforehand! They will be held in complete confidence.

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Buzz Tatom, a partner at Venture West Ranches, is a ranch owner and has built, run and sold numerous businesses in his career. This gives him a unique background in helping Montana farmers and ranchers navigate the life decisions that we all have to face. Whether it is passing a ranch on to the next generation or planning for eventual sale, his talents and contacts help save clients money and navigate complicated transactions.

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