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27 Mar
Buzz Tatom March 27, 2016 0

Updated 4/24/18

This is our first blog post for Venture West Ranches.

While VWR has been around since 2005 and participated in some very large farm and ranch sales here in Montana, we have launched a new website that will be very active in blogging and we believe will take us to a higher level. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Buzz Tatom and I am the new partner here at VWR. Stacy Bellamy and Curtis Van Dyken have been around the block in farm and ranch sales for 40+ years in Montana. I am the new guy on the block.

I moved here from Dallas, Tx where I ran and eventually sold The Odee Company after 24 years. My expertise is in Marketing, especially as it pertains to print and the internet. I sold The Odee Company after running and building a great company with great people. I thought I wanted to retire and move to Big Sky, MT with my wife and three kids. My wife quickly convinced me I needed to get a job. Actually, she told me to get out of the house. It involved putting big spoons in the small spoon drawer but, we will leave that story for another time.

I am a big blogger and believe in bringing people information that they need, can use, and find helpful. Which brings us to the purpose of this blog. What I intend to do is bring pertinent and timely information to both buyers and sellers of farms and ranches in Montana. I own a ranch myself still down in Texas and Stacy and Curt grew up in and have operated ranches so ranching and farming are dear to our hearts here at VWR. We are going to talk about issues that most farmers and ranchers deem important issues in todayʼs world. To name a few: Succession Planning, Maximizing Property Values, and Maximizing Genetics.

Now these are just a few topics and they are heavy duty and after working 20+ years in the printing and marketing business I canʼt do heavy all the time anymore. So, we will bring you some light-hearted topics as well. Whatʼs life if you canʼt have fun! At least, that is what my wife likes to tell me. We will also bring you some pretty pictures and some videos from our drone(once I learn how to fly it). In fact, my learning might be a what is important to us here at Venture West Ranches? Our clients foremost but we also view the beauty of Montana as something that needs to be protected and preserved.

This is one of the last special places in the world that you can view incredible landscapes, wildlife species that many only dream of seeing and western history. Walk where Lewis and Clark walked, see a grizzly bear or wolf, catch a beautiful native Cutthroat trout, see where the Missouri River is created and the historical significance of all kinds of stories. This is what we love and we love the people of Montana and the work ethic of the farmers and ranchers of this state. These people put food on the table for the entire country. We view the farms and ranches of this state as something that holds value beyond a price. Values that now are affected as much by the recreational value as the productive value of the land. Many of these properties have been in families for well over a hundred years and when it comes time to sell it is an emotional transaction of memories of births, deaths and every memory between the two.

For a buyer, it could be a culmination of a lifetimes work to have the means to buy their dream farm or ranch. For many, it is a coming back to the roots while others view it as an investment that they enjoy and build memories with their family while also expecting a return on their investment. There are not many investments that build family memories like farms and ranches. At my ranch in Texas, as I walk around, my memory is flooded with thoughts of what happened where I am. My sonʼs snake bite which led him to golf(plays collegiate golf at Air Force Academy). The spot where he shot his first turkey or deer. The horses we have owned and enjoyed. All the memories are there every step I take and I have also made a few bucks on the place. Stacy and Curt have the same stories from growing up and managing ranches here in Montana. The people you meet and the experiences you share are etched in your memories!

This is what led us to be in this business is our deep desire to see good people connected with great properties that will allow families to connect and chances are money to be made. If you have a property that you are considering putting on the market or you are considering purchasing a farm or ranch here in Montana we would love to discuss your situation and needs. The only thing we can promise you is that we have a low key approach to helping you and we will treat you with integrity and work to fulfill your dreams and expectations.


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Buzz Tatom

Partner at Venture West Ranches

Buzz Tatom, a partner at Venture West Ranches, is a ranch owner and has built, run and sold numerous businesses in his career. This gives him a unique background in helping Montana farmers and ranchers navigate the life decisions that we all have to face. Whether it is passing a ranch on to the next generation or planning for eventual sale, his talents and contacts help save clients money and navigate complicated transactions.

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