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First and foremost, I am the husband of Rhonda and the father to Brady, Conner and Alexa. They keep me grounded and give me all the joy and excitement I could ever ask or hope for!

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I was born and raised on a farm on the Gallatin River just 15 minutes west of Bozeman, MT. I learned early about hard work and long hours. When there was work to be done, it was done! We raised cattle, grain and hay. Following high school, I gradually left the family farm to work various construction jobs which gave me a great background for the residential side of real estate. I owned my own construction company for nearly 15 years and employed 6 to 8 employees on a regular basis where I learned what it meant to “make payroll”. The construction profession eventually led me to an opportunity to develop a small tract of land which led to a larger development. During that time, I became more and more interested in the business of Real Estate and received my license in 2009. An opportunity to become part owner in Venture West Realty presented itself and I jumped at it. Currently, Stacy Bellamy and myself share ownership and continue to operate Venture West Realty, the residential branch of Venture West Ranches. Venture West Ranches allows me to get back to my roots to what I know and love the most, the farm and ranch lifestyle, people, beauty and business. Working with farmers and ranchers is a true pleasure. Few walks of life give the perspective on life that farming and ranching does. To me, farming and ranching is the real heart and soul of this great nation. So many people trace their roots back to a grandpa or great or great great grandpa that farmed or ranched. The work ethic of farming and ranching is often a topic of conversation. What doesn’t get enough attention is the family aspect of farming and ranching. While the “family farm” is evolving and changing, in so many cases, it is still a family project. Fathers work side by side with their sons or daughters in the hope they can continue their legacy even to future generations. This spirit and drive is what makes my job the most enjoyable I can imagine. Sharing these beliefs and working towards a goal with a client that I know, understand and respect is such a privilege. Not only am I able to work with some of the clients I respect most, I am also very blessed to be working with two partners at Venture West Ranches that I also have come to know and respect greatly. I am a blessed man! Let Stacy, Buzz and myself at Venture West Ranches partner with you in the process of acquiring or selling your property and making great memories.


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Miller Ranch

Willow Creek, MT - $ 1,250,000 - SOLD -

The Miller Ranch on Willow Creek sits on ± 525 deeded acres just south of the rural agricultural community of Willow Creek. For over ¾ ± of a mile, Willow...

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