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Aerial Montana Ranch Maps-Canvaskick

05 Oct
Buzz Tatom October 5, 2016 0

Updated 4/20/2018

One of the big reasons I’m in the business of listing and buying ranches for sale in Montana is the people I get to know. Both buyers and sellers are salt of the Earth people that enjoy great scenery, wildlife and have great respect for the land. I am constantly coming up with ideas on ways to Thank people that may be a client or just go out of their way to help me.

One of my most enjoyable ways to thank people came from two friends of mine down in Dallas, Texas. Travis Stein who is a partner in The Odee Company and the creator of CanvasKick and Tyler Thomas of Burgher Ray Ranch Sales. Travis sells printing and promos and is a very good Marketer and Tyler has an extensive background and started in Ranch sales a few years back after selling his interest in Smartshield. They both knew each other from the infamous Austin High days and Travis worked for me. So if you need a Texas Ranch call Tyler and if you need wide format printing call Travis! Now you know the rest of the story!

ranches for sale in montana

I saw a picture on Odee’s Facebook page of Tyler holding an aerial map of a property. It was a gift to a client and I immediately decided to steal the idea and expand it to memorable photos! Sorry guys! I called Trav and it led to an interesting conversation about how they got into the wide-format business. I thought I would briefly tell the story. Who knows, maybe he will give me a discount next time!

Odee got into the wide format business when a print and fulfillment customer approached them about getting into wide format printing. Wide format printing is a one-off printer that uses Latex water-based inks to print very high-quality prints, banners, signage and other large dimension prints that normal printing presses can’t do at the one-off cost or size. They bought 2-60” HP Latex printers with a contour cutter and laminator. The contour cutter allows them to cut any shape out of a print so you can have a poster of a child playing sports that is cut out of the background.

The customer had a quarterly signage project for a large retail user. The problem was that the machines were left idle the rest of the time. Travis, being the good marketer he is, approached two artists with large followings that do art deco. Carolyn Joe Daniels and Dara Burriss partnered with Travis and they have created Canvaskick. These artists originals sell for between $6-$13,000. What Canvaskick does is create giclees that, although are not original, are still pieces of art that allow more common folk to have great pieces of art at much-reduced prices.

A giclee runs $650 and is hand stretched with a protective/shine coat put over it. You also have the option of putting a resin finish on it that makes it appear to be encased in glass. Here is a Carolyn Joe photo of the original and the giclee side by side link here. Also, below you will find Aspens by Carolyn Joe.

Carolyn Joe

Aspens Giclee by Carolyn Joe            canvaskick.com

And here is Indian Outlaw by Dara Burriss

Indian Outlaw by Dara Burriss

Indian Outlaw Giclee by Dara Burriss  canvaskick.com

Canvaskick has since added four more artists/photographers and they started offering textured paper prints that run $55. The interesting thing is the wide use of the art now. College dorm rooms, office cubicles, high-end office buildings, law firms, real estate offices, interior designers. At the different price points, there are users of all kinds. My favorite is Matt Jones Photography. If you wonder why, see the pictures below and I think it is self-explanatory.

I use Odee for my prints to give to clients that purchased properties and to help in landing new clients. Send a picture or file and they do the rest. It comes to you stretched and framed on wood. You can get these framed or hung on the wood framing itself. I have never had an issue with shipping due to the custom boxing and bubble wrap.

ranches for sale in montana

So if you want to impress someone or want a piece of art to finish a room go check Canvaskick out. They have been highlighted by Cassie Freeman of Hi Sugarplum fame and the One Room Challenge! Speaking of which she was in Big Sky I hear and didn’t even give me a call! Bet I’m even friends with the guy that married her sister! Plus, I know a Big Sky Interior Designer that would have loved to show her some cool homes! She…should…have…called.

Travis did want me to say stay tuned for additional artists and additional pieces from existing artists!

I’m always bringing you new and exciting topics here at Venture West Ranches blog. This one was way off the beaten path for Montana ranch real estate but I have used Canvaskick and Odee so many times and they have always come through for me, that I owed them. Great people and they bend over backward for you.

A great way to incorporate the fantastic pieces you can find on Canvaskick, look at our Montana hunting lodge style guide. It gives you ideas and things to consider in order to make your hunting lodge have the right ambiance that you want. We will also have some more articles about other aspiring businesses because we see the value in providing you, the reader, with the best information. If you are looking to take your thoughts on owning a Montana ranch or piece of property to the next step, give me a ring. I love speaking to and meeting new people. I truly care about helping you and answering any questions or concerns you may have.


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