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Ranches for sale come in all shapes, sizes, and types. The land can vary from water amenities and wildlife to carrying capacity of the land and a hundred other ranch specific factors. With an investment of this caliber, you need a Montana ranch professional that knows ranching, real estate, contracts, water, wildlife and has an extensive network of professionals that is easily accessible. The experiences you will have owning a Montana ranch are a given, making sure you get what you need at the right price is our job.


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We have worked on ranches, managed ranches, and owned Montana farms and ranches. We like the land and dirt on our hands and aren’t afraid of a long day in the sun, working the land. From Eastern Montana, to land for sale in the mountains when it comes to ranches for sale, we have see it all. We are knowledgeable about all facets of Montana farm and ranch real estate including Montana water rights, wildlife, and 1031 exchanges.


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Montana Ranches and Farms for Sale

Montana ranches and farms are in the middle of significant generational changes. Both the buyers and sellers of Montana ranches and farms are going through these changes but from different directions.

From the Montana ranch buyers perspective, there is a desire to own land and to escape from the crowds and crime of larger metropolitan areas and an abundance of money from the baby boomer generation. This makes ranches for sale attractive. Many are concerned whether the stock market is still a good place to invest. Many buyers are looking to downshift or escape and have a ranch to create memories and enjoy with loved ones. Yet they want a sound real estate investment where they see the possibility of good appreciation. A ranch can check both those boxes of good investment with great memories. 

The Montana ranch sellers perspective is heavily influenced by the fact that the average age of a rancher is 60. Many don’t have children that want to carry on the family Montana ranch or farm or live on the land. Their ranch is usually a disproportionate percentage of their assets and they have a hard time justifying the property value from an agricultural land perspective. An exit strategy or succession is a big part of what crosses their mind.

Our job at Venture West Ranches is to put those two parties together in a mutually beneficial transaction with a Montana ranch being the prize. The land is also a very important part of the picture. The present owner has usually taken great care of their ranch and this business transaction will be very emotional. They care who will purchase their ranch and want to ensure that the land that has taken care of their family will be taken care of for future generations. The Montana ranch buyer wants to know they are getting a fair deal and that they can continue building on what has already been done through blood, sweat, and tears of the previous ranch owner.

This is where we come in and our experience as ranch owners and operators enables us to represent our clients with their best interests at heart at finding or selling the right property. 

We have 40+ Years of Experience in Selling Ranches and Land

Our background and experience in farming and ranching allow us to give our clients valuable resources that they can use in buying or selling their Bozeman Montana ranches or farms. We use years of marketing skills, property insights, and local knowledge to ensure success. Whether you are looking for a Montana hunting ranch, working cattle ranches, or a family retreat to invest money and memories in, Venture West Ranches can help guide you through what will be the most beneficial decision of your life. Our attention to personal detail and long-term relationships drives our business every day because we are focused on joining people with Bozeman ranches, farms and land that they, and their families, will enjoy for generations.

Buying and Selling Your Ranch is Our Specialty

We can help you buy or sell any type of Montana farm, ranch, piece of property or business. Using our industry knowledge and experience, we help buyers and sellers through the complicated process. We have an extensive network of experts that we can call on for opinions and insights. This allows ranches to not only be a great investment, but also a place where families can make memories for generations. To find your ideal ranch, visit our properties page where we have several ranches for sale. Our ranch blog is a great resource to help you with any questions you may have about buying, owning, and selling Montana ranches.



Manhattan, MT

Buzz Tatom went way above and beyond to find my family a perfect Ranch that met all of our needs and wants. Buzz was astounding at every attention to detail during the entire real estate journey from business goals to water rights, he researched, found, and made our property dream reality.


Manhattan, MT

To simply say they were very good at their job would be the grossest of understatements. Their commitment, dedication and enthusiasm to what is at times a difficult task, was superb. In all my years in business I have rarely worked with people who are such true communicators.


Dallas, TX

I have dealt with Buzz Tatom for over 10 years in business and I can wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone. You will find him to be honest, attentive and very knowledgeable in business.


Three Forks, MT

Stacy Bellamy did a great job of watching over us selling our Farm. He was attentive, very detail oriented and got us top dollar for our property. We had a complicated transaction and he was instrumental in walking both parties through to complete success. We think flying the buyer in his plane over the property in an inverted dive sealed the deal.


Dallas, TX

I have dealt with Stacy Bellamy on several farm transactions and I can say he truly watched over our deals, kept us up to date and was very knowledgeable”!


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