Montana land for sale

Varieties of Montana Land for Sale

Life has a funny way of taking you where you least expect it. Growing up, I never thought I would be living in Montana. It’s been 6 years since I moved to Montana and every day has been an adventure.  I love the area, but what makes MT so special, is the people. I travel […]

women in montana ranching

Women in Montana Ranching

Montana is viewed as a rough and tumble place where being a rancher requires grit and toughness few possess. What I have found is a bunch of those gritty and tough ranchers are women. Women in Montana ranching are successful women who either partner with their husband or go it alone in helping to put […]

montana ranches wildlife elk

Montana Ranches Wildlife-Elk Facts

  When most people think about Montana they usually think about two animals first, the grizzly bear and the elk. Elk which are also called wapiti are a larger cousin to the deer family. Wapiti is a Native American word which translates to light colored deer. Elk were once found in most of the North […]

montana ranches for sale

Montana Ranches Wildlife Meet the Pronghorn

Montana Ranches Wildlife Meet the Pronghorn One of the incredible things about Montana ranches is the vast species of wildlife you get to see. One of the most intriguing animals is the Pronghorn Antelope. I drive through a lot of Montana ranches in my job and I would say the animal I see the most […]

cattle ranches for sale in montana

Cattle Ranches for Sale in Montana-Buy vs Sell Side

  As I start this article beef steer prices are 1.18 a pound. As a reference point in 2014 about this time they were bringing $2.90 a pound. There aren’t very many businesses that are run that can sustain a 60% drop in their sales price. So what does this do for prices for Cattle […]

Montana Ranch Mementos

Montana Ranch Mementos

One of the reasons I am a land broker and help people in selling and buying ranches for sale in Montana is because of the people I get to meet. I share interests with both buyers and sellers of Montana ranches. They see the value of land and the memories that are created. They are […]

Montana Ranches for Sale

Aerial Montana Ranch Maps-Canvaskick

  One of the big reasons I’m in the business of listing and buying ranches for sale in Montana are the people I get to know. Both buyers and sellers are salt of the Earth people that enjoy great scenery, wildlife and have great respect for the land. I am constantly coming up with ideas […]

Ranches for Sale in Montana

Ranches for Sale in Montana

  If you have searched the term ranches for sale in Montana, you like millions of others may view Montana as the last best place. If you are fortunate to have the financial resources to look at ranches for sale in Montana and purchase one, you are blessed. A big chunk of our business at […]

Montana Ranches Need Rural Broadband Investment

Support Rural America by Supporting Broadband Investment Women Involved in Farm Economics (WIFE) Friday, September 23rd 2016 As high-speed internet technology has advanced rapidly over the past decade, much has been made in ensuring that those advances have benefited not only citizens in the densely-populated metro areas of the U.S., but those on the outskirts—on […]

Buying Montana Ranch

Buying Montana Ranch, 13 Things to Ponder

Written by Buzz Tatom The idea of buying a Montana ranch or farm is a dream come true to many that have spent their career in office buildings or concrete jungles. They envision quiet time with incredible views and solitude where no one can interrupt them and they have plenty of space. We get that […]