Buying Hunting Land used for upland bird hunting

Finding and Buying Hunting Land Guide: Part 2

In our previous article, Guide to Finding and Buying Hunting Land: Part 1, we tried to help the reader find what kind of hunting land would suit them asking pointed questions. These questions were asked to try and create a personal image of the ideal property for you when you are trying to find hunting […]

Bowhunter hunting land

Guide to Finding and Buying Hunting Land: Part 1

Avid hunters are always in search of good hunting spots in Montana and other states. The perfect hunting spot is different for every hunter. For some, it is a piece of land that is abundant with big game, or any other species worthy of hunting. For others, it’s easy to get to, or vacant of […]

Bozeman Montana from from the M

Summer in Land of Montana: Your Next Visit to Yellowstone Country

  As we say goodbye to the frigid Montana winter and hello to our favorite pair of shorts and flip-flops, many fellow Montanans and visitors may be wondering what they should do on the next sunny day in this great state. Summer in land of Montana is the best part about living in Montana so […]

high yield investment

Is Farmland a Good High Yield Investment?

    Upon hearing the words “real estate,” many people immediately think of residential properties.  For 28.1 million Americans, however, real estate is about more than finding a place to live. It’s about building wealth through investment.  For savvy investors, real estate can be a high yield investment with huge payoffs. That said, as is […]

Montana land for sale

Varieties of Montana Land for Sale

Life has a funny way of taking you where you least expect it. Growing up, I never thought I would be living in Montana. It’s been 6 years since I moved to Montana and every day has been an adventure.  I love the area, but what makes MT so special, is the people. I travel […]

hunting land for sale in montana

Montana Ranches Wildlife-The Other Deer, the Mule Deer

Most Americans when you mention deer, they think whitetail deer. There is also the mule deer who lives in the Western US and most Montanans are very familiar with Mule Deer. Mule deer inhabit a big part of the state and are a normal sight on Montana ranches. They are a big part of the […]

montana hunting ranches for sale

Montana Hunting Ranches for Sale-The Dream

I grew up as a kid dreaming of hunting Bighorn and Dall Sheep. I read hunting magazines from cover to cover and looked at the small advertisements in the back of exotic hunting places like Montana and Alaska. I dreamed of being able to own a ranch one day. It is funny how childhood dreams […]

Eastern Montana Ranches Estate Planning Event

Eastern Montana Ranches Estate Planning Event

I still think back to the decisions my Grandfather and Grandmother made in allowing them to pass assets on to their kids but that because of great care by each generation it has impacted four generations and counting of our family. They were not super wealthy but watched every penny and wanted to leave opportunity […]

Montana ranches wildlife moose

Montana Ranches Wildlife Moose Tracks

Moose are a very coveted animal when it comes to Montana ranches wildlife. In fact, a Montana ranch that has more than just a passing Moose is very rare and coveted. Moose is the largest member of the deer family. They have a very distinctive nose that makes them look to be a far distant […]

montana ranches wildlife elk

Montana Ranches Wildlife-Elk Facts

  When most people think about Montana they usually think about two animals first, the grizzly bear and the elk. Elk which are also called wapiti are a larger cousin to the deer family. Wapiti is a Native American word which translates to light colored deer. Elk were once found in most of the North […]