Spring in Montana

There is a saying in Montana that if you have Montana ranches for sale make sure you take pictures when everything is green. I live in Big Sky, MT. So we are still greening up in higher elevations but down where Curt and Stacy live being flat landers everything is really greening up nicely at this point. This is the time of the year to see the wildlife and beat the crowds of summer. If you want to see Grizzlies, Black Bears or the very controversial Wolf early late April and as early May as you can get here the better.

The animals are pretty ratty looking this time of the year. Their coats are in transition and they are just realizing that they lived through another Montana winter. They are eating everything in sight and don’t really move that far when you see them unless pushed. Babies are here and are very cute. My favorite is the buffalo calfs. Apparently, someone else thought so to. A Yellowstone National Park family decided that one was cold so they put it in the back of their minivan and took it to a Park Ranger. Montanans shake their heads at some of the stuff people do when their visiting.

Spring is also one of the best times to go fly fishing. Trout are hungry and they have forgotten what the thousands of flies looked like that floated over them the previous summer. They will soon remember.

As far as Montana ranch sales go this is when historically you will see several new properties come on the market.  If you have a Montana ranch you are considering putting on the market you usually will not put them on the market in the dead of winter. If you have a Montana farm for sale you want it shown when you have new crops coming up. The funny thing is many potential buyers might like to see the wildlife which is much harder to see when everything is greened up and gives them more cover.

Run off is in full flow mode and waters are up and muddy unless you have a tail waters situation or a small creek that stays clear. It will be sometime around mid June before the rivers clear but their are always options to fish and sometimes fishing off color water can be very good. Just pay attention to the amount of water flowing through the rivers right now. They can carry you off very quickly and especially kids or small adults.

So if you are considering looking for a Montana farm or ranch property is now a good time or should you wait until summer? Summer is going to see more traffic and so you may have more competitors. We see clients scheduling a look around vacation time which is more in the summer. Sometimes beating that rush can pay off. If you have a good opportunity waiting may hurt you. We can always go take a look at properties for you and see if it fits your needs or narrow down choices for when you do come. I can also put a drone up in the air and you can view a property live. Technology has it’s advantages!

If you are considering putting a property on the market, get it on the sooner the better. It takes a while to put a Marketing plan together and getting pics and drone videos edited and up. Then you have to push them on the internet and it will take some time before your keywords to take effect for potential buyers. This is one area that you will find we differ is we actually will push your property to rank for keywords instead of the website ranking and then hopefully a buyer finding your property. We will leverage our keywords definitely but we will also try and get your property to rank through a number of well learned tricks of the trade. You would see multiple blog posts and linking between them, You Tube videos, other Social media and Live Facebook and Youtube videos published and promoted. We are very different!

If you are looking to purchase your dream Montana ranch or are considering selling your Montana farm or ranch you should contact us. We are small tight knit group that is low key in dealing with clients but are driven to satisfy client needs.

One other thought. With writing this being on Memorial Day weekend, I want to say thanks to all the Veterans out there that have served our country. With my son now at the Air Force Academy I have come to consider more every day what our Veterans have sacrificed for us! So my thanks to all Veterans that served and the present military that is put in very difficult situations that they must thrive in.

Until next time,
Buzz, Curt and Stacy


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