Ranches for Sale in Montana


If you have searched the term ranches for sale in Montana, you like millions of others may view Montana as the last best place. If you are fortunate to have the financial resources to look at ranches for sale in Montana and purchase one, you are blessed. A big chunk of our business at Venture West Ranches is finding the choice ranches for sale in Montana for clients that have entrusted us to find the right property. Montana is a very large state and just throwing out the term ranches for sale in Montana encompasses all kinds of types of properties, topography, wildlife, rainfall and numerous other factors. This article is going to try and help those that think Montana looks all the same to understand the many types of land we possess here in Montana.


Ranches for Sale in Montana


Cattle Ranch

First type of ranch for sale in Montana to discuss is the cattle ranch. This is a working cattle ranch and realistically can be located anywhere in the state. The cattle ranch is for raising cows and calves, calves, bull operation or any type of mix. The end result is the sale of the animal. Whether it is for meat production, adding to a herd or gene pool or straight out reproduction by adding a bull, it is there to raise cattle. Anything else is a by product. Characteristics of a ranch for sale in Montana can vary. It can be lush and may require as few as 20 acres per head to feed or it could be sparse and require 100 acres per head. The ranch could have rivers, stock tanks or ponds, creeks or could be watered from wells. Ranches for sale in Montana could also be a year round operation or due to the weather be a situation where calves are fed for several months, sold and the ranch starts all over next year. Snow forces that issue or finding another place for winter range. Surprisingly, some of Montana is able to graze year round and snow is a limited factor.


Irrigated Land

The second type of ranch for sale in Montana has irrigated land. Irrigated land can mean all types of ways of irrigating and has water rights. The water rights can be pulling from rivers, reservoirs, creeks, wells, canals, springs, etc…This land will be some of the most valuable land for ranches for sale in Montana. The land can be irrigated with a pivot or line sprinklers, sub irrigated or flood. It might be irrigated from a canal that carries water for miles. There could be partial ownership of the canal and the water coming through the canal. The irrigated land can produce seed crops such as corn or wheat for selling to market or as feedstock or hay.


Dryland Crop

The other type of potential crop land is dryland crop. Many ranches for sale in Montana with out a ready source of water and water rights, will use a dryland crop system. Dryland is planting the seed and trusting that Mother Nature will take care of the watering. It is not quite as scary as it sounds. Much of America’s crops are planted this way. The seasonal rains are predictable enough that you can count on a most years being able to raise a crop. You will have a drought that will not allow you to raise a crop every once in a while. However, you will pay much less for dryland crop land than irrigated land.


Ranch with Water

One of the most coveted types of ranches for sale in Montana is a ranch with water assets. This can mean a Reservoir or Lake but mostly I am referring to Rivers or large Creek systems. This is due to the abundant source of water for livestock and irrigation use. Water is life. It enables you to have more of a guarantee of crop or forage success or a guarantee of water for livestock. You review whether the source has ever gone dry, what your water rights are(Junior vs Senior)and how much quantity will be available to you. This will be fairly high on the value chart. Especially, if the ranch for sale in Montana holds trout. In Eastern Montana, you may have water but it might be a warm water fishery versus trout. You still have the water value just not the premium value of trout waters.


Ranches for Sale in Montana


Hunting Property

Another type of ranch for sale in Montana that has become popular is the hunting property. Ranches for sale in Montana can have many types of hunting and values can range based on the number of species and what specie. Elk are the most coveted but Montana holds a multitude of great hunting opportunities. Bear, Mule Deer, Antelope, Whitetail, Mountain Lion, Pheasant, Grouse, Waterfowl all are abundant. Private land gives you the opportunity to enhance the numbers through active management. This makes these ranches for sale in Montana quite attractive to big city buyers trying to get some quiet and solitude. These types of properties might have a very small cabin to stay in and might not have water or septic. A true roughing it experience where you are there during the hunting season. Values can be on the lower end of the spectrum unless it has water. This land might have beautiful views but a great deal of the time will not have water. What is funny about this type of land can be how the Montana farmers and ranchers view a number of these species as nuisances. Take the Whitetail, for instance, they are viewed as pests here in Montana, while they are very coveted and there is a great deal of money to be earned from hunting Whitetail in other states.


Ranches for Sale in Montana


Recreational Ranch

The recreational ranch is just that, bought for recreation. Hunting, fishing, hiking with great views become important. This land might or might not be productive from a crop or livestock angle but it is pretty and is in close proximity to giving the owner a number of recreational things to do. This type is the growing trend in ranches for sale in Montana. This type of ranch for sale in Montana also includes the showpiece property that will include a large home or lodge. When you get into the showpiece property, many times it will be used for business and usually involves one of the other types of ranches for sale in Montana.


Ranch Adjacent to Public Land

Another type of ranch for sale in Montana is a ranch that is adjacent to public land. Sometime you can purchase a ranch in Montana that has landlocked a piece of public property so it becomes very limited public use. The advantage is you get use of the land without having to pay for it. The government is trying to minimize this but if you find a property like this it can be an advantage. You will possibly have to deal with part of the public that wants access and/or increased trespass or poaching. There are more pros than cons but there are a few headaches.



The final type of ranches for sale in Montana includes strictly grassland. There might be mountains in the background but these types of properties are just strictly native flat or rolling land that is used for haying or could be left alone and put in CRP(Conservation Reserve Program). You get paid to keep land in CRP by the government. Although, you are not going to get rich off CRP payments it can provide nice income.

What we have outlined in ranches for sale in Montana is specific types of land. What you will find is ranches for sale in Montana have a mix of several named above types of land. Most will be dominate in one type but will have some portion of another type. So you might have irrigated cropland mixed with a cattle ranch with wildlife and river frontage thrown in. This is why, when we get one of the many calls we get a year of clients looking for ranches, it hopefully leads to a detailed discussion of the type of ranch they are looking for. We also would like several days for a serious buyer so that we can travel Montana and show them the mixture of ranches for sale in Montana. It can lead to a clearer picture of value and what is a deal and what isn’t.

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