Montana Ranch Mementos

Montana Ranch Mementos

One of the reasons I am a land broker and help people in selling and buying ranches for sale in Montana is because of the people I get to meet. I share interests with both buyers and sellers of Montana ranches. They see the value of land and the memories that are created. They are salt of the Earth people that have great respect for the land. One of the best things is seeing the Montana Ranch Mementos from multiple generations of hard work.

I like to be a part of creating Montana Ranch mementos while saying thank you. Coming up with ways to say Thanks to people that may be a client or that go out of their way to help me is a challenge. I came up with one idea from two friends of mine down in Dallas, Texas. Travis Stein who is a partner in The Odee Company and the creator of CanvasKick and Tyler Thomas of Burgher Ray Ranch Sales. Tyler sells ranches down in Texas and Travis is one of the partners of The Odee Company, a printing and promotional company. They both knew each other from Austin High days and Travis worked for me in the past. Both are solid guys that take great care of their customers!

Tyler used aerial maps printed wide format by The Odee Company as client or prospect gifts. I had seen it on Odee’s Facebook page. I called Trav and we started talking about how they started in the wide format business. Odee got into the wide format business when a customer approached them about needing wide format printing. Wide format printing is a single piece printer that uses water based Latex inks to print high quality prints, banners, signage and other large dimension prints that don’t require expensive plates or make readies like normal printing presses. Odee purchased two HP Latex 60″ wide printers. They also bought a laminator and contour cutter.  A contour cutter allows them to cut any outline of a print. This way you can have an action poster of an object cut out of a background that you can apply to a bedroom wall through static.

Odee’s customer’s business was seasonal so they created Canvaskick that teams with artists to sell prints of their originals. It has been very successful at selling prints or giclees, as they are known, to the general public at reasonable prices. These prints are high end at and are used in high end office buildings, law firms and by Interior Designers.

I use prints of the boundaries of the properties to give to clients that purchase properties and to help in landing new clients. Send a picture or file and you get a stretched and framed print back. Cassie Freeman of Hi Sugarplum fame and the One Room Challenge has highlighted Odee in her blog! I hear Cassie was in Big Sky and didn’t even give me a call! I know an Interior Designer in Big Sky that would have loved to show her some cool homes!

This blog post was a little out of the norm but I said originally I would be bringing you Montana ranch real estate from all angles! I thought it would give you insight into a day in the life of a Montana Ranch real estate salesman. The Odee Company are great people and if you ever want a great memory, wide format is an inexpensive great tool.

If you are at the point that you are ready to start looking for your Montana Dream Ranch or are ready to market your Montana Ranch or Farm please give us a call to discuss your situation. Contact us.


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Buzz Tatom is a Partner at Venture West Ranches. He moved to Montana 5 years ago and still owns the 5T ranch in Texas. He has a BBA from Texas Tech and an MBA from SMU. He built his Printing/Marketing firm 10 fold over 24 years before selling in 2011 and is involved in a number of business ventures. He enjoys teaching part time at MSU in business and mentoring students.


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