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Ranch Real Estate Agencies Near Me

29 Jun

Finding the Best Ranch Real Estate Agencies Near Me Ranches are highly sought after in Montana. People come from all over the world in search of their own piece of Montana. This could be for investment reasons, recreational activities, Montana’s unique beauty, or an escape from the overly hectic city life. You may think that you can go find and…

Ranches for Sale Around Billings MT

21 Jun

Compelling Values in Ranches for Sale Around Billings MT Ranches for sale around Billings MT are most the time considered Eastern Montana. They likely will have fewer trout than ranches to the west. Animals might be smaller in overall numbers but bigger due to less competition for food and most not migrating due to milder weather. At 147,046 square miles (94,109,440…

5 Qualities the Best Ranch Real Estate Agents Have

18 Jun

Ranch real estate agents are all unique. Different traits, personalities, and qualities make them appealing to different people in the market for a ranch for sale. The best ranch real estate agents have a variety of qualities in common. Venture West Ranches has outlined 5 of the best qualities you want your ranch real estate agents to have. The 5…

River Frontage Real Estate

16 Jun

River frontage real estate can be an enjoyable and profitable investment for a family while creating wonderful memories. As the average temperature in Montana continues to climb and rises into the 80s and 90s, it’s a perfect time to enjoy some of Montana’s recreational water activities. One of the best ways to easily access these waterways is by owning a…

Ranches for Sale Near Me

13 Jun

Today, it seems like everyone is on their phones texting, calling, on Facebook and everything in between. Don’t even get me started on the selfies. When I am on my phone, I find myself using the GPS. I don’t know about you but I hate feeling lost. When I use the GPS or type something into Google I find myself…

Montana Water Rights

31 Mar

Basics on Montana Water Rights Montana water rights has become a hotbed issue and we are still early in the game of Montana water. I have had several investors approach me about purchasing real estate to gain Montana water rights, or purchase water rights outright and separate from the land. Farmers and ranchers in Montana know that water rights hold…

Ranches Report 2018-Available Properties in Montana

31 Mar

Top Ranches Report 2018 The top ranches report 2018 conjures up different pictures in separate peoples minds. That is why we are back again with the Top Ranches  Report of 2018. 2017 was a great year for Venture West Ranches. We held numerous Estate Planning seminars, participated in the Montana Stockgrowers Association’s annual convention, and paired buyers with their…

January 2018 Montana and US Cattle and Calves Inventory Report

31 Jan

2018 United States Department of Agriculture and National Agricultural Statistics Service’s Cattle and Calves Inventory  The semiannual report released by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) is comprised of numbers, values, and statistics regarding the United States’ cattle and calves inventory as well as the number of cattle operations and size groups nationally and by state. These statistics and findings…



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