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This time of the year when you are driving all over Montana looking at farms and ranches you get to see some interesting sights. It is like everyone is trying to come up with any idea to spend a little more time outside before the snow gets here. Couple that with the idea that Montana farmers and ranchers are looking for anything to add additional revenue and to just have some fun and you come up with ideas like Montana Corn Mazes and Haunted Cornfields. So this is a list of a few mazes and an excellent scare. The concept behind the maze is they use bales to make a maze or can even make the maze out of leaving corn stalks unharvested. The Montana corn maze ends up being a drawing seen from above made with a tractor. How these farmers can draw a picture in their head that you can only see from above the maze is beyond me. Some are elaborate human puzzles that can take 20-60 minutes to find your way through. With prices ranging from $5 on up to $15 this can be a nice source of additional revenue for Montana farmers and ranchers and it looks like to me they have a great time putting them on. It has become an annual family outing for Montana families. Here is a summation of three Montana farmers and ranchers that do a maze in a grand style:

Montana Corn Mazes


The Bozeman Maze started in 1998 and the maze was a shape of a pumpkin. The largest maze the Bozeman Maze has made was this year with 5000 square bales. I can’t imagine the amount of labor and foresight that goes into the planning and construction of a straw bale maze that size. My own daughters have been lost in this one for well over an hour trying to figure their way out! Another interesting fact about the Bozeman Maze is they took six years off after 2001 to start their family. They also have flashlight nights that you can go through the maze at night for a fun time. You can find the Bozeman Maze Facebook page here.

The Field of Screams is a haunted corn field just south of Victor, Montana. I have never been to this one but it looks like great fun and it looks like these Montana farmers put on a great show! For the smaller kids they have a watered down version of fright. For the big kids they do a pretty good job of scaring you based on the pictures they have on their website. Actually, very funny and there is always the tough guy picture where the guy is hiding behind the girl! They have been doing it since 1998 and know what they are doing. They train their goblins to keep a couple of feet between themselves and guests. If you get too scared the goblins are trained to escort you out to safety. So, if you live near Missoula it would be a fun trip to Victor, Montana to get your scare on! Give them a Like on their Facebook page.

Montana Corn Maze



The Montana Corn Maze is located in Manhattan, Montana on the Bos Farm. This one is the new Corn Maze on the block. It was started in 2010 and has grown every year. In true Montana farmer form this year their theme is “God Made a Farmer” cut out of the corn. The maze is cut without aid of computer or GPS. That amazes me! Another interesting fact is the Montana Corn Maze leaves you clues to help search the inner depths of this Montana Corn Maze. You can view the Montana Corn Maze’s Facebook page here.

Montana farmers and ranchers have to be creative to bring in the additional income to sustain and prosper in a commodity price challenged environment. A Montana corn maze is a unique and fun way for Montana farmers and ranchers to bring communities together and create an additional revenue stream. Please consider visiting one of these three Montana Corn Mazes and if you liked this type of article there are many others like the best Montana Elk Rut Guide. Also, if I left out your favorite Montana corn maze please let me know via email or let us know in the comments! There are all types of articles and you can subscribe to get each new post as it is published. We can also be visited on our Facebook page and we would love for you to give us a Like!


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