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I started fly fishing 30 years ago at Vermejo Park Ranch in New Mexico. My parents took me there and I’ll never forget walking up a creek that was maybe two feet across. I had seen very few trout in my life coming from Texas. I walked up the creek until there was a one foot deep hole. I could see two trout that were maybe 3” long facing upstream. There were trees all around so I hand tossed my Royal Trude in the pool and one of the Brookies jumped at the fly and gobbled it. I raised my hand that was holding the line and caught my first trout fly fishing. I ended up catching a lot or trout on that trip and got hooked on flyfishing. Who would have thought it would have led me to Montana where I help people buy and sell fly fishing properties for sale!

There is something that proves God exists in Montana fly fishing. That you can have free flowing rivers that can hold wild, natural trout that will take an artificial tied fly speaks spiritually to me. Finding the right fly fishing property for sale for a client to enjoy is very fulfilling. If it is time, it is also fulfilling to help a seller find the next steward for their fly fishing property for sale.

There are very few places in this world left where someone can throw a fly to a rising sizeable trout. Montana is one of the best places in the world to do that. Celebrities and wealthy individuals can purchase premier properties on premier water. There is always going to be increasing value attached to those fly fishing properties for sale. Places on the Yellowstone, Madison, Gallatin, Smith and Missouri rivers will never go out of style and will always be in demand. But there are still opportunities with hundreds of other rivers, streams and creeks in Montana that hold trout and if enhanced can be special places.

If you spend much time in Montana you hear about little known mythical places that are unheard of where people caught huge trout all day. They do exist. I have been to a couple of them. What is interesting is some of these are created or enhanced by farmers or ranchers in Montana. There are fly fishing properties for sale that already have been enhanced and then there are diamonds in the rough that the right person with the right vision and a bit of money can create real value. Fly fishing properties for sale can be on rivers or creeks that feed into rivers or on man made ponds or lakes.

Fly fishing properties for sale can create significant value by stream restoration. If you buy a property that has a six foot wide creek that you create holes and add vegetation to shorelines that create added insect life that increase the average trout from 10-12 inches to 15-18 inches you have just made money. I have been in even better situations than the 15-18 inch trout in a stream that  you just can’t believe can hold that big of fish.

This is where you make money on fly fishing properties for sale is by buying a farm or ranch with year round water in a no name stream, river or tributary. Then you get to work. You hire someone to come in and do restoration. Very rough numbers start at @ $12-15/linear foot. Remember costs can vary widely. Holes will be created, turns enhanced, stream beds improved and shorelines reinforced and enhanced. Creating a food chain and preventing erosion gives the trout a fighting chance to prosper. The project can be broken up to lighten the load on the wallet. So, if you have three miles of stream maybe you do it over a 3 year period. There will be permits needed to be attained but over a period of several years if you can imagine the value added to a property when you are able to show large trout on private land. The pain and costs are well worth the added value in the fly fishing property for sale. 

When you look at the population increases in large cities and the trend of urbanization over the last several decades. People are looking to be able to escape or have a family place to get away from the frenzied city pace. Fly fishing properties for sale that have good quality trout have a very good chance of holding or increasing in value over the next 10 years and those that do it right will be coveted pieces of property that should garner premium prices.

If you are looking for a fly fishing property for sale there is not a better place to look than Montana. It is the last best place and is still uncrowded and has incredible stream and river resources for people to improve and gain value from. I would love to help you on your journey to find the right investment that also carries great memories with it! Contact Buzz.

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Buzz Tatom is a Partner at Venture West Ranches. He moved to Montana 5 years ago and still owns the 5T ranch in Texas. He has a BBA from Texas Tech and an MBA from SMU. He built his Printing/Marketing firm 10 fold over 24 years before selling in 2011 and is involved in a number of business ventures. He enjoys teaching part time at MSU in business and mentoring students.

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