Eastern Montana Ranches Estate Planning Event

Eastern Montana Ranches Estate Planning Event

I still think back to the decisions my Grandfather and Grandmother made in allowing them to pass assets on to their kids but that because of great care by each generation it has impacted four generations and counting of our family. They were not super wealthy but watched every penny and wanted to leave opportunity for their family they loved. This is why I have created and am sponsoring an Eastern Montana Ranches Estate Planning Event. It is Free and is open to all Eastern Montana Ranches and Farmers.

I started a search for a consultant that could help me bring something to the table for Eastern Montana ranchers and shared my values of helping people as much as making a living. I was led to Paul Stafford through a friend. We spent considerable time together sharing what each was trying to do in their own profession. Paul was also a life long rancher, which was very important to me as well. I won’t bore you with his qualifications but he has been doing this for 20+ years and is very qualified. For those that want to read his qualifications go here.

I have found in dealing with consultants that many times they have the qualifications but they lack the ability to communicate complicated issues in manners that can be easily understood. This was crucial to me when I chose Paul. First of all, Paul is a rancher which I think is important for Eastern Montana ranchers or any ranchers to be able to talk the talk. He has also walked the walk so he gains ranchers trust quickly.

Eastern Montana Ranches Estate Planning Event

He shares my vision of bringing value to people and gaining trust that leads to relationships and making an impact on people’s lives that is as important as making a living from what we do. Paul also shows he cares by how he goes about determining what you need before giving you a one size fits all plan. You go through goals and vision and it helps you determine what your end goal is that you want the plan to accomplish. He tells you when you don’t need him and when you do. He terms it “same side of the table” business.

My family is and has been going through this evolution of life with my father and mother being 85. When you look at the statistics of average ranchers ages being close to 60 years of age most of us in this room are 10 years from this being an immediate issue, which is not the time to be estate planning. Estate planning is a long term plan that you have to visit and keep up with. This journey has brought me to the realization that I would like to help as many families have this be a positive journey like it has been for my family.

The conversations it allows a family to have is fulfilling and enriching. I know the decisions, risks, successes and failures that my grandparents and parents had to make in their lives. It humanizes them and I get to understand their thoughts. It has given me permission to take risks and to encourage my children to take risks.

I hope you will consider attending this Eastern Montana Ranches Estate Planning Event. It is on Jan 18th at 6PM at the Sleep Inn Miles City. Paul and I have worked hard to make this event an enlightening and enjoyable experience. You can sign up for the Eastern Montana Ranches Estate Planning Event here. Seating is limited and light food and cold drinks will be served. If you have any questions please feel free to email me @ buzz@venturewestranches.com or call me at 406.580.4774.

I look forward to meeting you at the event!

PS. If you are in another part of Montana and would like for us to consider putting on a Estate Planning Event please let us know.


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Buzz Tatom is a Partner at Venture West Ranches. He moved to Montana 6 years ago and still owns the 5T ranch in Texas. He has a BBA from Texas Tech and an MBA from SMU. He is involved in a number of business ventures and built his Printing/Marketing firm 10 fold over 24 years before selling in 2011. He also enjoys teaching part time at MSU in business and mentoring students.

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