Building Revenue Streams for Montana Farms and Ranches

Keyword Research for Montana Farmers and Ranchers

Building Revenue Streams for Montana Farms and Ranches

When the price of ag products drop 40% from last year and the bank doesn’t drop how much you owe that shirt collar can get a bit tight! I am a Farm and Ranch Real Estate salesperson that doesn’t want to see Montana ranches for sale until they make that very personal decision on their own. Building additional revenue streams for Montana farms and ranches can help get them through the lean times. 

Sometimes in running a Montana ranch or farm, like any business, we don’t remove ourselves from the day to day and step outside the box with our thinking. It happened to me at times in running my business in Dallas, Tx in my former business life. So, I thought I would show a bit of outside the box thinking that might help motivate someone that needs it right now in building revenue streams for Montana farm and ranch.

My former life was running a marketing and printing business in Dallas, Tx. When the internet came along I jumped into SEO(Search Engine Optimization), keyword research and all things that encompasses. I ended up having @ 10,000 unique visitors a day to our site and grew the business ten fold by the time I sold and retired to Montana. My retirement lasted six months. My wife told me to go get a job so I teach at MSU to give back and have become a partner here at Venture West Ranches with Stacy Bellamy and Curt Van Dyken. So, what does this have to do with building additional revenue streams for Montana Farms and Ranches? Remember, think outside the box and get your creative juices flowing. So let your mind go with the idea and let it take you wherever it wants to go. You know your business better than I do but hopefully the example will help generate some ideas for you. So this specific example may not pertain to you but it will get you thinking outside the box and about solving the problem creatively. That is what we want is thoughts on building revenue streams for Montana farms and ranches!

Many Montana ranchers and farmers view hunting and fishing as either a nuisance, for family only or something to lease out. They may view themselves as too busy, don’t want the liability or don’t feel qualified. Some don’t like guns. I will help solve that problem for you in the results. Forget all that and focus on what I’m going to teach you. Ok, I have beat that horse enough.

I took my keyword research software and put in Montana Hunting as a root word to see where it led me. Root word(popular) means you don’t think you are going to use it but want to find words like it that are not as competitive and may have more words that someone is searching for that have little competition. You aren’t going to go out and easily land people searching for Montana Hunting but you can with a little bit of work go out and bring people interested in one of the lesser competitive words. Just a note, there are a number of keyword research software tools out there. I’m not going to say which one I use. I don’t really want to announce it to the whole internet and it is one of my advantages I use in selling and marketing ranches. You can call or email me and I will give you a few I would suggest considering

Above you will find the words I’m interested in after looking through the 600 words it gave me initially. I just let my mind go and looked at the whole list.

To give some background on what you are seeing above the first column is the keyword that came from the root word. Similar words and extra words that still have decent searches and use extra words like “best”. That is how search engines work. Someone is searching for that exact term and if you have it in your content or title that is what is going to pull up. Thus the reason to find less competitive strings that are similar to more competitive strings like Montana Hunting.

Suggested Bid is if you wanted to put a sponsored ad it gives you what I find if the high. I don’t do these ads. They are too expensive and I have found if I do good keyword research and build content around those keywords I will be in the search results near the top for free. I really just keep it in there to see what money people are throwing away.

Local Searches are the number of times someone entered in that term in the US in the last month. Normally, you would like to find big numbers in the thousands if you were trying to sell to a big number of customers. For this example, you don’t need big customers. If you had ten people come hunt that is quite a few people and would definitely impact your bottom line. So, I’m including some search strings with small number of searches if they are not very competitive.

Advertiser competitiveness is another column I use only as a reference. Has nothing to do with how competitive the search term is, it is only talking about how many people are bidding to be in the sponsored ads section. 99% have not done any keyword research they are just throwing dollars at a problem hoping it will help. They can be spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars with very little to show. Organic search results are free and with keyword research software sweat equity is King.

Last column is the keyword competitiveness. This number represents how competitive it is to rank for that word in search results. Anything in the mid 30s and down is reasonable. If you find some in the teens that is like ducks on the water! We did’t find any of those with a quick look through but the numbers we have are very doable and if we spent more time we could find some even better numbers.

I’ve now given the background and you always find a trend you can follow. I have found elk hunting with a bow. See the guys that don’t like guns and had closed minds left and just missed out! We find several search terms with bow or archery. Lower liability, fewer people and usually not guided. So that is what I would go after is archery hunts. There are some other terms I left in there that intrigued me. The use of the word “best” is a great way to get into a much less competitive search term. By putting “best” in front of a string you may be able to rank easier for that term if there are enough searches. By this example, it worked and it isn’t just the word best it could be greatest, cheapest, etc…The other interesting one I found and would have had to do some further research on but was interesting was the Missouri or Alabama Deer hunting. Pretty low competition and a fair amount of searches. I could potentially have a whole series of articles and content on comparisons between Montana deer hunting and the other two states and I would be able to find an angle to present to those that searched for those terms of why they should consider my very special Montana Ranch. The other thing I would take a look at is articles around bow hunting in general. Those terms had decent numbers and if you provide good content around bow hunting in general you get involved in the community and establish a presence. Much like me writing about keyword research to Montana farmers and ranchers.

Now you know how to do search terms and then you would build a very simple website around your lists of keywords. It isn’t hard. A number of sites such as,, or have easy, free website software. Upload your pictures and start adding content around those keywords. You could also go to a place such as and hire a freelancer that could be anywhere in the world. If you are talking super simple website with a blog that you can continually post articles around the keywords yourself you can probably get done for $300-$500. One of the previous sites I mentioned you can do for free if they are hosting the website. So your investment is going to be the website($0-$500), keyword research software(less than $40/month and can pull the plug at any point), hosting(less than $20/month)your ideas and sweat equity. This is a super simplistic example and isn’t meant to guide you towards hunting. It is merely to show you that you have an asset in land and if you think outside the box and use tools available to you at low cost, there is no limit to the ideas you can come up with to add a revenue stream that helps make your ranch or farm more profitable. A more profitable Montana ranch or farm is a more valuable Montana ranch or farm.

So why do I use these tools? I reach targeted markets, bring in customers and it provides more exposure to properties than any other Ranch and Farm Land Broker. This helps us sell Montana ranches and farms faster for our clients and in general helps people. That is why I do it.

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Should you have any questions about anything in this article or need help in coming up with an idea give me an email or call. Further reading on keyword research and online marketing can be found on Wordtracker and several other sites if you search the term. If you are thinking about marketing your Montana Farm and Ranch or purchasing one, please give me a call. I bring some very unique talents to the table.

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