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To some of us land holds a mystical, spiritual place in our souls. The scenery, the wildlife, the crops all are etched in our memories. The possibility of shaping, improving and protecting what Mother Nature has provided us intrigues and drives us. We find solace in working the dirt and the ability to unplug from this ever increasingly hectic world. We believe in the value that land holds both financially and emotionally and we take great care with our clients to insure that both facets are considered in each and every deal.

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At Venture West Ranches we understand Land!

We have 25+ years of experience in selling ranches. We have worked on ranches, managed ranches and presently own ranches. We like dirt in our hands and aren’t afraid of a long day in the sun, working the land. Our background and experience in farming and ranching gives our clients valuable resources that they can use in buying or selling their Montana Ranch or Farm. Whether it is a working ranch or farm or you are looking for a family retreat to invest money and memories in, Venture West Ranches can help guide you through what will probably be the most enjoyable transaction of your life.

Land holds an intrinsic value that pays dividends beyond Dollars. We would dare to say that Montana Ranches will hold even more value considering the water, wildlife, crop and the name Montana. Montana ranches can be recreational properties, fly fishing properties, working cattle ranches, hunting land or any combination of the above.

Many buy a Montana Ranch for the water rights, carrying capacity or family enjoyment and memories. Others purchase Montana ranches for the ability to hunt trophy animals in pristine undisturbed wilderness. There isn’t another place that you have the opportunities at the multitude of species that you do in Montana. Yet others just want to be stewards of the wide open spaces that Montana ranches present.

At Venture West Ranches our attention to personal detail and long term relationships drives our business every day because we are one of those that land has become a part of the family. If you want a firm that has the marketing skills, property insight and resources to help guide you through the process please give us a call.


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